Cinnamon and candle light

There’s a real chill in the air, suddenly. Sometime last week, it seemed to have come out of nowhere. After two weeks in Sweden where we enjoyed 28-34 degrees every day and glorious sunshine without a cloud in the sky, and coming back to a UK that felt muggy and summery still, autumn seemed so far off. From getting into bed and already feeling too warm (our flat really does keep the heat, even with all windows open, and our duvet is designed to cook you in your sleep), I now undress and all shivery curl up under the duvet with B.

As much as I love summer however, I have to confess I that autumn might just be my favourite season. I like the chill in the air, I like the dark, I even like the rain! What I love the most though, is when you get into November and start to approach and anticipate Christmas. The UK would be a lot nicer with a bit of Christmassy snow, but I shall be careful what I wish for – any time we do end up getting a couple of snow flakes land on this island, everything comes to a halt. Cars crash, trains don’t run and planes can’t take off or land. So snow here in the UK isn’t so much about a pretty postcard, snowball fights and skiing – it only means chaos.

Still, I love it. I love the dark evenings when you just light some candles and curl up with a hot drink or perhaps a glass of wine and take either a really good book or B to the couch and cozy up. Autumn is cinnamon and rusty shades, mulled wine and knitted sweaters, candle light and warm cuddles – what’s not to love?

This is a bit premature though, we’re barely at the end of August. It’s still summer really, was it not for that distinct non-summery chill that’s suddenly arrived.

As much as I wouldn’t mind another couple of hot summer weeks, what’s so good about the chill is that running becomes so much easier! There’s nothing worse than running when it’s hot and humid. Even at 9am, when we had the best weather of the summer, it was too hot and every time I went was purgatory. Not because it was hard or I was unfit, but because it was too hot to run. So, given it’s 8.23am and I won’t get out until after 9am for the 5k I’ve planned to run this morning, it’ll be perfect – fresh air, no inhaling a zillion mosquitoes, no squinting and no sun bearing down on me like a blow torch when I’m already burning up and sweating like a pig.

Today is also really the REAL start for me. First session with R and I am so excited. Even after the first couple of brief conversations, so much of my writer’s block has been unblocked and I’ve made so much progress with Alice. The vast majority still needs to be WRITTEN, but I bravely knocked out the ultimatum Tom landed on Alice and within half an hour I discovered I’d knocked out 1500 words. Re-reading it, there are things to add and a couple of things to modify, but it’s pretty damn good. The rest will flow too, I know it and I also know it’ll be wonderful.

The timer is still going, but I’ve gulped down a huge mug of coffee and I really need to take a dump, it’s one of those you can’t hold back.


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