A Psychopath Called Jake

Pretty good going, I’ll have to say. Now truly in the flow and will have 7,000 words done by 11am this Friday. Feeling a little dazed after a brilliant long weekend with B, that included a little crayfish party, plenty of vin blanc and a trip to Camden market. 

Read this article on Women Make Waves about soulmates, this lady wrote about how she has one along with a husband, only they are not the same person. While I found it interesting to read, it’s not the case for me and I find the idea a little disturbing. B and I talked about it last night when we enjoyed a couple of drinks at our local, and it seems we’re on the same page.

Well. That’s the theme with us – I don’t think we’ve ever been on different pages, and B is my Number One in every sense: 

  1. I am so in love with him it drives me crazy. 
  2. He is my best friend and there is no one I feel closer to or would share secrets with to the same extent.
  3. I fancy him like mad, find him so attractive that I feel a little out of breath when I ogle him. 
  4. He’s the most wonderful person I have ever met.
  5. There is no one I’d rather be around, whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day.

I could go on for ages, but think I’ve illustrated my point clearly enough. Conclusion: I am so incredibly fortunate to have scored jackpot when it comes to the Big L. And it’s not just love with a capital L, it’s all capitals – LOVE – all in beautiful abuncance and even though we’ve lived together for over a year and spend all our time together so intensely, I still get butterflies in my stomach when he kisses me. 

Enough. I’m making myself sick with this lovesick drivel. 

The dry shampoo thing is definitely not working for me. I look like a troll, the being you’d conjure up listening to Grieg’s ‘Hall of the Mountain King’. Seriously. I feel scruffy and dirty, my scalp all coarse and yucky, my hair a tangled mess without any shine, matted and dull. 

What I plan to write today is padding out Tom’s ultimatum and then Alice’s stay at her mother’s childhood home. This will need a bit of working Britt out, just how negative I should make her. I already have a vicious side character in Lucy, but I think we need Britt to be difficult too as she’ll be able to get to Alice more than her bitter and jealous step sister. 

At the pub last night, B and I brainstormed my second novel and I know that’s a winner too – I’m already getting excited about it, even though I haven’t got Alice out the door yet. So what, who says you can only work on one project at a time? They are different enough not to overlap, and the skeletal storyline that came together over large spritzers is a really quirky one: a psychopath called Jake and a little sickly boy called Mikey. Oh no, it’s not dark, just about involuntary goodness. OK, perhaps a little dark, but funny – I am better at being funny when I write in the first person, and as risky as it may seem to write A) as a man, and B) as a psychopath, I feel confident I can pull it off. 

See? All these characters coming to life! I love it! Gosh, I really am so lucky to be able to pursue my dreams like this. I hate cheesy cliches, but the sky really is the limit. 

I’ve had gallons of coffee this morning, to the point where I’m experiencing a slight tremor in my hands. I have this anyway, passed down genetically to me by my father and paternal grandmother: Essential Tremor. Nothing serious and it doesn’t do anything to your general health or lifespan, just means you’re a little shaky and it gets worse with age. With me, it’s not always noticeable, in fact it rarely is. Gets worse with a hangover, too much coffee or physical exhaustion. And of course, when I get nervous it also becomes quite pronounced. Oh well. 

Anyway, the timer is about to beep, I think. I can make an educated guess as I normally during these 20 minutes just get into the second page. Hah! And there it went!


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