The King and I

OMG, 29th of August?! How is that possible? This summer felt so short. I think a lot of it got eaten up for me, first by just sitting off the weeks during my notice period and also waiting for Monkey’s summer holidays to start. Plus it didn’t get very warm until then. On Monkey’s last day of school, we left for Sweden. When we were away, apparently it was hot in the UK too, but within a week of us being back and as we entered August, the weather turned quickly and now carries a distinct chill.

The holiday in Sweden was amazing. First time in a good couple of years I actually ended up with a proper tan. Two weeks of 30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, hanging by the beach, spending time with loved ones, even did a little roadtrip – B and I escaped for a couple of days to drive up to the Dalarna region, which is really your absolute stereotypical Swedish scenery, so picturesque you end up taking photos of the goddamn roadside.

The highlight was a concert we had booked at Dalhalla, an old chalk mine no longer in use, this huge hole in the ground, a ridiculously big amphitheatre – absolutely spectacular. We’d booked to see Jose Carreras there, and I have to say we picked the perfect venue and the perfect artist. The acoustics were incredible and this whole scene was breathtaking, it was almost too much to take in.

I thought.

I had noticed a bit of commotion at the beginning of the first part, but paid little attention to is as I was busy taking selfies of me and B (I’m on Facebook, therefore I am), and Senor Carreras also did say something at some part about this being the 20th anniversary, and he did start by saying “your majesties, ladies and gentlemen” which I thought was just a bit cheesy but again paid no attention to. In the break we headed to the bar, a big tent put up at the top of the mine and we also grabbed some rain coats that were on sale, because of course a thunder storm (the only rain of our two-week trip) had decided to roll in.

As we sat down for the second part and Carreras came back on stage, again there’s something going on to our left. I turn to have a look, which is what I then realise everyone else is doing too – people are really craning their necks, standing up to look and then I get it at the same time as the guy next to us exclaims:

It’s the king!

Yep, there they are, and they are unmistakable with King Carl Gustaf and his grey hair, and Queen Silvia with her distinct hairstyle. The King and Queen of Sweden. I’ve never seen them in real life, of course nor has B, so it put some extra beautiful little sparkle on this evening that was so very special anyway.

Amazingly, beyond people turning to look when they came walking down into the venue, people then got on with enjoying the concert and it struck me how close to the people our royals are. You’d never catch Queen Elizabeth casually strolling in at the O2 and have a seat right in the middle of her loyal subjects. Then again, Sweden’s a much smaller country, we don’t have paparazzi in the same way and people would be outraged if anyone ran after our royals and shoved cameras in their faces, it just doesn’t happen in the way it does here. It was lovely to see.




I think this is the best I have got to ‘morning pages’. The whole idea was to just start the moment I woke, but at the very least I’ve been up to pee (that should be allowed though, surely) but also made coffee, sat and had breakfast with B, then once he’s left for work do I usually sit down. However, today’s my first proper session with R, and I want to be on top for it, meaning nothing I have still to do, nothing I have to immediately turn my attention to or have playing on my mind when we go through everything. No distractions.Mainly because I know she’ll get my mind working even more intensely than she already has and what it’s already started to discover on its own. So here I am, only having pee’d, but thankfully B just came and put a coffee next to me. Gorgeous man creature.

My goal was to write 7,000 words per week. A target large enough to count for something (approaching 10% of total word count if we assume Alice will end up on rouchly 90,000 words) and I have to do some work, but something achieveable.

Here goes!


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