Famous Men and Media Rah-Rah

I just read a great article about WAGs, in fact it was about “the original WAG”. Very interesting to hear about this lady (now in her 90s) and her recalling a life spent in the shadows of her famous footballer husband. To be honest, when I clicked on the article I expected it to be vacuous and artificial, much in line with how I view WAGs. Of course, I shouldn’t generalise perhaps, but out of the ones who have carved out careers for themselves, please do show me one who didn’t do it off the back of her husband’s success. OK, except Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole, who both had successful careers before becoming WAGs.

Seriously, does anyone think that Coleen Rooney would have designed and modelled clothes, as well as penning a regular column for a popular girls’ magazine? Don’t make me laugh. I’m sure that many wives of famous men have real talents – every bit as much and as often as us wives of mere mortals – and maybe we just hear about the ones who are either with the most famous players and/or those who are men’s magazines fodder. Who knows. 

I wonder what life would be like if B was famous. I’d still be me. I’d assume getting a book published as the wife of someone in the public is easier than it would be otherwise. Would that stop me writing? I am a stubborn and contrary being, so I’d probably refuse to write because I’d go nuts if people scoffed and thought, “oh B’s wife, of course she got a book deal, he probably bought it for her”. Right, on this very boring and botoxed subject my conclusion is that it’s easier to pursue your passions if your partner is famous. 

Hang on – uhm, I AM pursuing my passion. OK, the whole argument just collapsed. Ridiculous. 

Honestly, I’m no good today. Absolutely useless. I wrote nearly a dissertation’s worth yesterday (nearly half being Alice), and today it’s back to pulling teeth. How do I use this feeling for Alice? Perhaps I can let her have this impossible client she can’t help. 

Hmm…. I’ve thought it over so many times, how risky it is to make Alice a psychotherapist/psychologist. I do have a pretty good understanding of the subjects in question, but to start writing actual scenes with Alice working might just mean that any real psychologist who picks up the book will laugh their arses off. I might leave that out, my readers will just have to take my word for it and believe it to be her profession without being invited to sit in on her sessions. 

I just realised I’ve not given all of them jobs yet, only Alice (psychologist), John (entertainer), Tom (journalist) and Stephen (lawyer). Oh, and Monice (artist/sculptor), how could I forget. Oh fuck, forgot Karen too (counsellor at Victim Support).

OK, those are all central. It’s the players on the bench who only have smaller supporting roles I haven’t padded out much, perhaps because I haven’t written much of them yet.

So. I think I’m going to make Linda a housewife, because she seems the nurturing kind. Or maybe a nurse. Something that makes Stephen feel manly and in charge at any rate (no, don’t hate him, he’s actually a very kind man, it’s just that he doesn’t work with dominant women). I think I’ll make Lucy a PA, that kind of works with her pathetic attitude and I have JUST the material to base her on, yippie! I was going to say estate agent for Liam, but he’s too nice a guy. Maybe something media rah-rah

Muaahhahahaha – Liam is actually a side character I am toying with the idea of killing… Poor little mite. 


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