Snow and Long White Clouds

They said summer would come back this past week, but unless you consider summer to be a measly 20 degrees and a glimpse of the sun occasionally, where it’s mostly hiding by coulds, then this wasn’t it. So it’s truly autumn now, and you can really tell how the evenings are getting darker. I can’t wait, actually, it’s my favourite season. Then again I like anything that involves candles and mulled wine. And the lead-up to Christmas I love too, and I have at least three Christmas compilation albums on iTunes. Although we’re planning to be in Sweden with Monkey, this will be our second Christmas together, and the first in this place.

Initially, B moved in with me, and although we had such a lovely time there too, I think it was always “my” place that little bit more. Apart from so much more space, this place is ours. It’s us. Even though I’m horrendously bossy, we have put things up together, worked out where to place things, even went to IKEA without ending up killing each other. I believe it was a Sunday and we were both hungover. That’s the kind of love that lasts. 

It’s large enough to get a big Christmas tree, and damn it – I will! Even though we’ll vacate around 22nd of December and not be back until perhaps 2nd or 3rd of January, I am going to get a massive Christmas tree. I’ll inform B of this once I’ve already bought it and we’ll deal with all the needles in the new year. I also plan to cook the traditional Swedish Christmas ham. No, we don’t care much for turkey, we consider it the poor man’s chicken – it’s a bit like chicken, just less tasty, a little worse quality of meat. B – incredibly – loves pickled herring, so we’ll have a stash of that too. Monkey can be in charge of baking gingerbread cookies, if I don’t end up munching all the dough. Seriously, I do this. I get the ready made dough from the Swedish shop in Marylebone, usually three logs of it, then keep it in the fridge and then slice by slice, it disappears. It’s the yummiest thing I know.

I’m not sure why I’m thinking about Christmas at the beginning of September, but I had lots of weird (weird, not bad) dreams last night that involved lots of family and chaos, so perhaps that’s why my only-been-awake-for-10-minutes brain got to Christmas. Who knows.

Hopefully we can spend Christmas with B’s family one year. Next year Monkey will spend Christmas with his dad (we alternate), so perhaps that’d be a good time to head off to the land of the long, white cloud. Because of my origins, Christmas to me is snow, mulled wine, log fires, darkness and seeing your breath when you’re outside. In New Zealand, Christmas is beginning of summer, and unlike here in the UK, they get Actual Summer, so Christmas apparently is celebrated with a BBQ and so on. B has a wonderful family, so being around them for any occasion can only be a great thing, but a BBQ at Christmas? The idea is so strange to me, but I know it’d be an amazing experience. And we need an excuse to go back. 

We went earlier this year, and it was wonderful, of course February being high summer. Awesome, absolutely amazing place and I want to live there one day. It was just B and I, because I couldn’t have pulled Monkey out of school for two weeks during term time, but I really want to take him along next time. Given the restrictions of his school terms, it would either have to be Christmas or in summer, i.e. when it’s summer here. If we go next Christmas, that’d mean going without Monkey. What to do, what to do – I believe this is a luxury problem to have though. 


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