Hi Poppy

Dear Poppy,

An additional little entry today in your honour!

Let’s start off by clearing one little detail up – I know who you are. I’ll give it to you, you really freaked me out when it was pointed out to me that it was in fact you, not this mysterious Poppy, who had in fact not just found my articles (that in itself chills me to the bone and try as I might, I find it creepy as opposed to taking it as a compliment that you could possibly be this interested in me) but had started communicating with me hidden behind an alias. Genius! Scary as hell, but genius. Well done, I properly freaked out, I’ll happily admit that so hopefully that has just made your day.

So here’s where I’m at, so we can clear up the rest too, er… …Poppy.

I get the alias, I really do. You’d look pretty silly looking me up and communicating with me after the shit you’ve pulled, so I can see why you had no other way if something I wrote got you so worked up you had to comment. I’m with ya, truly, although I have yet to contact anyone under a false name. Then again, I don’t have to hide because I don’t go threatening people nilly-willy and such. Yup, I sleep pretty well at night, but hey, that’s just me and I’m sure insomnia has many advantages too for those who don’t like the idea of a solid eight hours.

But here’s the thing…. Yes, there are things I’ve seen for myself that I cannot understand or relate to, much less respect, when it comes to some of your actions. I can’t deny that. And what’s more, I won’t suppress that. I speak my mind. I would never name and shame anyone (except perhaps that arsehole Ben who cheated on me when we dated at college – BEN YOU’RE A DOUCHE AND I HOPE YOU ENDED UP WITH A SEVERE CASE OF HERPES), if I write about personal things or people in my life I use nicknames, meaning that no one can be identified. But even if someone close read it and understood who I might be referring to, I don’t put anything anywhere that I can’t hold my hands up to should I be pulled up on it. For very personal or controversial articles or blog posts I just avoid slapping links on the likes of Facebook or Twitter, but even then I won’t hide if people close to me were to question any of it. Part of being an adult, I suppose, taking responsibility for the things you say and do. Try it!

……on that note, let me save you some time, my Twitter handle is annastj76. I think I have one follower and probably tweeted a total of five times, years ago. Doubt you’d find it interesting, but hey, if you like me so much, feel free and if you’d like to follow me please do so. Just use your real name and scrap this cloak and dagger stuff, OK? I promise to tweet every single day if this enriches your life, truly.

Poppy. I know that some things bring out the worst in us. And I know that there’s always more to it than what meets the eye. I’m not stupid. I’m too outspoken and I don’t hold back when I have an opinion – being a writer, this does mean that I sometimes end up writing articles and blog posts that have too much chilli for everyone’s taste. And some of my views are controversial to some people. But I’m not stupid and what’s more: I OWN MY SHIT. You’ll never find me hiding behind an alias like that. I know – regardless of what you might think – that you are in all likelihood a good person who is doing what you believe is right. We’re different that’s all, and therefore I do find some stuff a little, uhm, surprising, but each to their own. So I might find you a little crazy, but hey. The world would be boring if everyone had morals.

First, when you scared the living daylights out of me, my knee jerk reaction was to take down this blog and I asked the manager at WMW to hide my account. Then I reconsidered. I’m not fucking hiding! I’m not like you. I’m not a dishonest coward. I may not be everyone’s cup of tea and I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my time, but I own those mistakes and I stand by my views. I’m happy to be challenged, of course, and I have enough balls to hold my hands up and admit I was wrong when I have been. I’m right here, Poppy-gal, and if you want to communicate with me you are more than welcome, I will always make time for you, I promise. But you grow a backbone and develop some integrity, and you approach me woman to woman on honest terms.

And “Poppy”, again – genius. Sounds fluffy and cute and I’m sure she is. I would have expected a more suitable mafia name for you though, like Black Mamba or something similarly Tarantinoesque. Then again, a cute name is scarier, so hats off to you.

I believe you have my e-mail address. After trolling me I have no doubt you know my bra size too (yes, I have big knockers), along with the exact time I was born and how much I weighed, but I won’t hold that against you, we all need a hobby.

Now, now – don’t be like that! I’m not angry. Still a little jumpy, I have to admit, but I could have had a really dull Tuesday if it hadn’t been for you. It’s the first time I have used all three locks on our door and had that scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho in my head when I was showering. Now I feel all energised as a result, possibly still due to some extra fear induced adrenaline, but what doesn’t kill you and all that.

Seriously – I’m right here and I will welcome you with respect, humility, empathy and kindness. All I ask is that you ditch the games and approach me on open and honest terms.

Take care now. And please don’t kill me when I’m in the shower.




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