Glitter and Pocahontas

It’s one of those perfect mornings and the sun is out to match my mood. Now I need nails to reflect the determination and passion I feel about the day ahead. Electric blue or bright purple? Or a grey-ish base with glitter on top?

30 Sept 2014

Ah, such difficult decisions. I think I’ll go with the grey and pink glitter, I reckon that’ll work best with my sparkling energy this morning.

This is going to be a kick-ass week! I’m absolutely buzzing and to add to feeling inspired and on top of the world, we decided to book a random weekend in Sweden. We’re flying with sucky Ryan Air (that’ll be a first for me and one I am sure I’ll quickly regret even though you couldn’t argue with the price) to Gothenburg, where we’ll crash on my little sister’s sofa bed before heading north to Torsby early Saturday morning. I’ve told one of my brothers too, but apart from that, no one knows we’re coming and I can’t wait to see their surprise and hug them all silly.

They all love B, obviously. How could you not? It’s really nice to have a partner who my father doesn’t want to use for target practice. My mum loves him too and she gets this warm glint in her eyes when he’s around. Think she might fancy him. My stepdad is always very level about everything, so no airs or graces needed there, he’s just someone you get on with. My stepmum’s approval (along with my dad’s) is harder to win though, and she’s a great judge of character – of course that only meant she judged B correctly and immediately became a big fan. As for my brothers and little sister, they’re also staunch supporters and all keen to spend time with B. That’s now the pecking order, you see.

Once upon a time, I was the main attraction when I went to Sweden to see them. Then Monkey came along and pushed me off my throne, and I gladly accepted my second place position. Now, I would have been quite happy to share it with B, but I find myself in a sorry third. Not really – I adore how my family and friends adore my boys. Monkey’s not coming with us this time as A) we’re not back until Tuesday and I can’t pull him out of school like that, and B) he’s going to be at his dad’s anyway.

My little sister lives in Gothenburg and we’ve hired a car. Problem is that I have no idea where and I don’t know how to find my way around Gothenburg whatsoever, so I bloody hope the wheels we end up getting is equipped with SatNav, or I’m fucked. I don’t do directions, my brain cannot compute them if there’s more than one turn involved. And do I want B to be behind the wheel in a manual car, left hand drive and on the opposite side of the road to what he’s used to? I love his driving – IN THE UK. In the summer, during our little Dalarna roadtrip, he ended driving on the left side on one occasion and with half of the car on the sidewalk on another. I love him but I’m not willing to risk my life, so Gothenburg city driving may have to be my cross to bear after all. Worst case scenario I’ll just have to make B chief map reader using the GPS on our mobiles. Or make my sister come to the airport and direct us from the backseat.

Bless her, my little Pocahontas (well, a blond and blue-eyed Pocahontas), who is now doing her doctorate in a Biology and DNA something or other subject that is too complicated for normal brains to understand. Can’t wait to see her! My little cutie-pie.

Have another jug of coffee brewing, can smell it – coffee is my favourite thing and I drink way too much of it. What I do need to sort out is the smoking however. Both B and I have somehow turned into full time smokers over this past year and a half, and I don’t like what it must be doing to our health. The problem is again – I think – a matter of ‘ought to’ vs ‘want to’ quit. See, I really enjoy a cigarette with either my morning coffee or an evening glass of wine. Of course, common sense tells me (well, what little I have of it, that is) that neither the coffee nor the wine taste better because I decide to smoke with it. In fact, the opposite is probably true. What that shows, I suppose, is that it almost always is a case of mind over matter, like with those ‘oughts’ and ‘wants’.


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