Date Night and Twists

Well…. Can’t say date night went all that well. I was feeling really drained yesterday, think I have a cold cooking or something because I’ve felt really tired all week. End result: a slightly annoyed B. OK, that’s putting it mildly – he was (quite rightly) really pissed off. To be fair, we’ve laughed about it all morning, but I can’t say last night was my finest performance. I’ve been looking forward to seeing Gone Girl since I found out it was being made into a film, and we decided to go and see it last night. Best seats in the house after some drinks, huge bucket of popcorn, a snog there in the dark, and all in all we were off to a great start – glanced at each other when the adverts started rolling, both smiling excitedly.

Problem 1: I think Gone Girl is the kind of film that you won’t enjoy as much if you’ve read the book. The story has a stunning twist and if you know it’s coming, which of course I did, you kind of find the first half frustrating. And it was so looooong.

Problem 2: Those premium seats were so comfortable, huge lazy boy chairs. I snuggled up a little, relaxed a bit more…

Problem 3: The wine did NOT perk me up as I thought it would. It only made me more tired. And those comfortable seats… And it was loooooong…

…next thing I know we’re at the end of the movie and I look over at B in confusion. What I get in return isn’t one of his usual loving glances and he definitely isn’t smiling excitedly anymore. I frown at him, in a what’s-YOUR-problem kinda way, but quickly realise the problem is very much mine. Slept through almost the whole film and apparently snored loudly too. Very attractive.

Lesson learned: don’t drink three glasses of wine ahead a long movie that you know the whole story line to already, especially not when you’re tired and should have rescheduled for another evening. Apologised to B about a thousand times (but only after labelling him ‘Grumpy’ after one of Snow White’s dwarf friends, which predictably went down like a lead balloon) and although I feel ever so sheepish, I also find it quite amusing.

Still feeling a little off and I don’t know why. I just don’t have any energy. It’s been a great week as far as writing goes – I even managed to write on WMW, which I’ve lately given up on a little – and got some stuff sent off for evaluation, but physically I’ve been really sluggish. Went for a run Tuesday but even that failed to pick me up. I’m feeling really exhausted for no reason, so I’m guessing I might be coming down with something. Bad timing as we’re off to Ipswich for a 50th birthday party held at a farm – been really looking forward to it, but now that I’m feeling so lethargic I’m worried it might just be a big ask to force myself to be bouncy and sociable into the small hours. Never mind, let’s see what a Berocca and countless coffees can do.

B’s friend C is the only other person going who I know, he’s staying at the same hotel, so the good thing is I can probably leave those two to it if I get to a point where my energy runs out. B might have ended up enjoying Date Night on his own, but tonight he has company if I conk out on him again. Gosh, I really need to up my game – going to plan the date to end all dates (in the good way, not the fall-asleep-and-snore way), something really special for B.

Something that’s become really apparent, is how busy life is. Now that I am writing full time, I can fit work around life as opposed to the other way around, but OMG – I don’t know how we got anything done before, when I worked full time in an office. There’s always so much going on, so even planning Amazing Date Night for B is a headache. I am almost feeling panic at all the things I want to get through and get done, and even though I can now put the hours in any order I like them, I still don’t have enough of them.


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