Anna-Bashing and Action

Session with R over for this week and as usual there’s so much to consider and give serious thought. Things we’ve discussed several times before were addressed again and I think the most important points that I will take away from today and apply to this week’s writing are these:

  • Treat myself the way I treat others – being my best friend.
  • Look inwards when I falter and ask myself what I need RIGHT NOW.
  • Absolutely no room for Anna-bashing and instead face head on what’s stopping me.
  • Consider and set my intention before anything else.

The thing that struck me the most was R’s advice to really work out what’s distracting me – what’s that little voice in my head saying when I allow myself to be distracted. That, along with really working on bringing planning in to action, are my main goals for this week. And that should put me well on my way into November and kick-off this all important month with a healthy amount of work already written.

It’s amazing how much of my Writer’s Block I’ve managed to remove. When I decided to give this shot once and for all, there were so many obstacles in my way that I had placed there without even realising it. Now, even though I still find myself having down days – or even down WEEKS, like last week – I kind of know how to get going, and it takes less to shake myself out of it. These morning pages are one of those things and I have stuck at it religiously since I started – 20 minutes’ worth of brain dump every morning. Sure, sometimes it’s been mid-morning, afternoon or even evening before I’ve got to it, but that doesn’t matter, the main thing is that I’ve stuck with it and that in itself proves to me that I can stick to the novel too.

I mean, if I just consider that during the 20 minutes I write on average 700 words (fine, not novel worthy and mostly just my rambling nonsense, but it’s still me writing!!) and I’ve done so for the past two and a half months – sometimes I end up writing more, but let’s go on the 700 words per day. Including today’s, that’s 54,600 words. More than half a novel’s worth in two and a half months, based on a measly 20 minutes per day! So I can hardly blame any inability to come up with the words to create sentence after sentence, page after page.

Having planned Alice out in quite a detailed way also helps, as it means I don’t necessarily write it all in order – that helps massively too. And I know that no one has to read it until I say so, which means I don’t have to stare at the blank screen and think that everything I write has to be print ready – that has meant I can pretty much free write and then scrap whatever’s crap and keep whatever works.

And so, now we have the little Facebook group. R wondered if I’ve created yet another rod for my own back, and we went over the pros and cons. So long as I can keep it as a support forum and prevent it from a competitive environment where every writer almost tries to out-do the next, then I only see benefits. Well, as long as I don’t get cold feet – sometimes it can be off-putting to witness others fly when you’re struggling at one particular point or moment, and sometimes it can have the opposite effect. So I’ll keep in touch with the other chicks on there to voice those things as much as I can. There’s another forum for writers I now pretty much avoid as it’s not a fun place to be anymore, where it’s about promoting your own work and getting page views that matters rather than commenting on other articles and offering feedback. Not for me, I don’t thrive in those types of places, so a little lovey group to cheer each other on and take an interest in others’ progrees and celebrating it too is something I’d like a lot more.

Let’s just hope it turns out that way, and without being mean, I guess we have to be a little selective. Well – my only real stipulation is that the intention is to get a novel written and be there to both receive and offer support and advice, then that’s good enough.

So, here’s to a great week! It’s a beautiful Monday morning, autumn is showing its best side and I spent almost half an hour sitting on the balcony enjoying the morning sun. Now let’s kick some ass, I’m raring to go!


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