Kiwi Burgers and Simba’s Dad

….and then there were two.

Monkey at his dad’s and my dad and brother P dropped off at Heathrow. Even though we only hugged goodbye less than an hour ago, it seems strangely remote that they were here. It always goes by so quickly. Even in the summer, when we spent two weeks in Sweden – just days after we got back, it suddenly seemed like ages ago. Just like the first days of our summer break seemed so long and the two weeks ahead stretching far. Whoosh, gone!

Last night was bloody brilliant, all three men in All Blacks shirts when we went to watch the game at the kiwi pub by the river. The beer flowed and we devoured kiwi burgers complete with egg and beetroot, which shouldn’t work but did despite what first seemed to me a weird combination. All Blacks were playing the US, and of course it was every bit the white wash we expected it to be. Like the Swedes, the yanks don’t really do rugby, so they were never going to stand a chance against the mighty All Blacks. It was great that dad and P’s initiation was a dazzling All Blacks victory, plenty of smiles, cheering and back slapping, even frequent high fives. As P sank his pints, the jokes got increasingly un-PC, to the point that by the end of the evening he’d taught B several unsavoury phrases in Swedish that would earn him several slaps if he uttered them in any other situation. God help me.

It’s funny how they’ve all bonded since B and I have been together. My father and three brothers adore him, it’s clear that they consider him to be the best thing since pickled herring. Well, all my family are in love with B, but the male bonding is on a different planet altogether. B is turning into them and they are turning into him. B is now a budding moose hunter and my family are clad in All Blacks shirts. Honestly, I have no idea where this will end up but I love it, it’s hilarious to witness.

Turns out this autumn is a busy time for the Swedish inquisition. Next in line is my little sister, who texted me yesterday to ask if she can come over for a long weekend at the end of November, so that’s now all booked and I can’t wait! She’s been over before with mum, but this time the little doctorate student is coming over solo. Like everyone else, she gets on with B like a house on fire and although it won’t be a wild weekend in terms of going out and dancing on the tables (she’s not into any of that), it’ll be brilliant. Think I’ll see if we can book a show or something, along with museum visits and long walks around the city, which is more her cup of herbal tea.

After Dr E has been here, next in line is mum and her two sisters. My youngest aunt is turning 50, so they’re having a “ladies weekend” in London. Mum will be staying with them at a hotel as it’s about her sister and not primarily to see us that she’ll be over, but we’ll see them plenty I’m sure. They’ve booked tickets to see the Lion King musical, which is meant to be absolutely amazing, so I think I might check if we can take Little Dr E to that. I really want to see it. Saw this clip from a flight with the cast travelling somewhere, think it was the Aussie lot – someone filming when the whole cast start singing Circle of Life on top of their lungs. AMAZING.

I remember seeing the original Disney movie at the cinema with my two Swedish besties whenever it came out, early 90s it must have been? Gosh, that opening scene with that song! Remember turning to M, who grabbed my hand and squeezed it, how those opening lines and joyful singing gave us goosebumps. And I did cry when Simba’s dad died.

So now what? A lazy Sunday with B ahead I suppose. Suddenly the weather’s turned and it’s heaving it down with rain as I write, the beautiful, sunny autumn days we just enjoyed all but a memory. Think today would be perfect for moving Monkey’s TV into our bedroom along with the DVD player and just curl up in bed and have a movie marathon. B hasn’t seen Misery, so I think it might have to be that – fits in well with Halloween just gone and it’s a classic, one of my favourite works by Stephen King.

Yep, that’s what we’ll do. Time to wind down and have a lazy day, we don’t see many of those here and right now I’m really in the mood for just that. The weather is right for it too, it really is a light-candles-and-curl-up kind of day.


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