Fighters and Howling

Jesus Christ – I’m pooped! So exhausted, but then what did I expect after taking ten ten-yearolds to a bowling alley and an arcade? Had B not been there with me, I swear I would have collapsed. So funny, even though they’re still so young, parent politics seems to have sneaked in already. Got a call from a mother just a couple of hours before going, asking if this kid was going. I told her he was. OK, then her son couldn’t go, because they had a big fight at school Friday and she doesn’t want her boy around this kid. I tried to stay neutral, expressed regret and offered to make sure the two would be kept apart, but she made the other kid out to be Satan incarnate.

Funny. I observed this group of what in the end was eight. Ten originally, but with the fighter and another kid who was ill removed, we ended up with eight The kid in question who was according to this mum a right little devil, has always struck me as a gentle and kind little boy, and today I saw no evidence to suggest otherwise. He is smiley, he is polite and he seems to genuinely care for his mates and appears to be part of a group of friends who are all about cheering each other on and playing as a team. Who knows. I’m sure I’d immediately assume the other party was to blame if Monkey got in a fight.

So the fighter is coming over shortly. Told his mum let’s have him over tonight and he and Monkey can hang out tomorrow – play Xbox to their hearts’ content and then tomorrow the same unless the weather is good enough for us to take them out somewhere.

Jeez! There is howling and cheering coming from the living room, wish I’d closed the door. B and Monkey are playing FIFA 15 and by the sounds of things, B’s team’s just scored and Monkey’s not all that happy. We watched the All Blacks beat England earlier (what else is new?), so Monkey finally has the TV back in his possession, and as I retreated in here to get my morning pages done, he highjacked B for a game. He doesn’t take losing lightly, which I don’t like – he needs to learn that he can’t always be the best at everything. Things come too easy sometimes, he’s always top of the class, never has to try too hard to excel, and that’s not good – he needs to learn to work hard, to accept defeat, to dust himself off and try harder when things don’t just fall in his lap.

I’ll keep on working on that. Rome wasn’t built in one day.

Thankfully, as much as I wanted to hook up with M, my childhood BFF from Sweden, she texted to say it was just too hectic – I’m too exhausted to get myself into central London. She’s over with work for some seminars, arrived last night and heading back to El Stockholmo tomorrow morning. We’d planned a quick drink this evening after her seminars, Monkey’s party and B’s rugby, and now that she’s cancelled (with the promise of coming over just to see us and nothing else at some other point) I’m actually quite relieved. Today’s been full on, and I’m quite happy to just get to be here with my boys and chill out after this manic day.

The fighter will be here any moment now, so the sugar infused boys will probably wreak havoc further, following this past few moments of peace.

All I want to do, is pour a large glass of wine, cook dinner and settle down to watch the X-Factor. Call me dull, but… ..well, I probably am. Honestly, sitting on the couch with my boys and watching this predictable, cringe-worthy and ad-ridden show appeals way more to me than anything else I might be doing.

What can I say? Life is exhausting sometimes, but always for the right reasons, and I always find myself counting my blessings only to discover they are too many to list.


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