Glittery Lashes and Budgets

Definitely evening pages today… 6.10pm and it’s been another hectic weekend – Monkey’s birthday party, an All Blacks game, plenty of wine and today a trip into central London to a plush hotel on the Strand to collect a goodie bag my Swedish BFF had left with the concierge for me. We were meant to meet up with her yesterday, but she was only over for 36 hours in total and meant to attend a bunch of seminars and events, so in the end it turned out we’d been too optimistic with time. Never mind. I’ll be in Stockholm with B in December for the Christmas party for the Nordics peeps, so I’m sure I can catch up with her then.

My little goodie bag contained the usual things she normally hands out to press and fashion/beauty bloggers – the latest products in the latest colours; nail polishes, mascaras, eye liners, lipsticks, etc. Have already tried out one of the nail polishes (a dark brownish purple) and the glittery top coat mascara. Also put on some femme fatale red lipstick, which looked quite nice but definitely didn’t work on a Sunday afternoon in combination with baggy jeans and my hair piled into a messy knot. Roll on the festive period though, and I reckon it’ll go nicely with a slinky dress and high heels.

B is sitting opposite me at the dining table, brow furrowed and deep in thought – the coming week is budget presentations and meetings, and he’s been busy with the build up for a couple of weeks now. Tuesday, once it’s all out of the way, we’re going out. I’ve also planned in what I hope will turn out to be a fantastic date night. Really want to say what it is, but B reads this blog (bugger off, will ya!) so I can’t, or it won’t be a surprise. It’s the perfect thing, so I really hope it won’t be a let down, these things can sometimes be a little hit and miss.

The last date night was a bit of a disaster, with Yours Truly falling asleep half way through Gone Girl at the cinema. Whoops. This isn’t the kind of thing you’d be able to snooze to, however, so we should be all good.

So much happening between now and Christmas. Well, for starters I need to finish a whole goddamn novel, but beyond that our social life will be quite busy – two more visits from Sweden (first my little sister, then my mum), hopefully have B’s two boys here the weekend before Christmas, crimbo events at Kew Gardens, Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, off to B’s Christmas do in Stockholm, also the one here and God knows what else – I feel exhausted just thinking about it. It’ll be fun though, Christmas always is, and I know that our second together will be every bit as magical as the last.

The best present would be for life to just keep on going the way it is – I really can’t of a single thing that would make my world richer. I know – it’s sickening, but I’m not about to apologise for being so happy and being fortunate enough to have all these blessings in my life. If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen. Or fuck off out of my blog – I’m sure there are plenty of webpages for those who are angry, bitter and vengeful, because this isn’t the place for those with black hearts.

As we are expanding our kitchen repertoire, I’m having a stab at this chicken curry pasta dish this evening. Sounds odd, I know, and I am also aware that we should probably try to eat something other than pasta, but I’ve had a similar dish in the past and loved it, plus pasta is my favourite thing. Then the X-Factor results of course and after that probably an early night so we can both bounce up early tomorrow morning and so that I can give B an extra dose of TLC and attention to set him up for those busy days ahead.

He just told me he loves me and said I have my serious writing face on. Reciprocated both comments, there’s a vertical line between his eyebrows that gets deeper when he has his serious work face on. Cutie-pie.

Too easly to start cooking, so perhaps I should turn my attention to Alice?

Ooh! Nice! Sexy tash boy opposite is being needy, bless his large cotton socks. Yes, I love you, dumb-ass. I love you so much it drives me crazy. You’re my best friend and the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s almost irritating – sometimes I can’t decide if what I want to do just then is have a deep discussion with you or shag your brains out. Well, we usually end up doing the latter first.

Oh look, you’ve got glittery eyelashes, pretty,” B just said.

Get back to work.

He’s so lovely. Might try out the other nail polishes on his toe nails later, one of the glittery red ones looked pretty nice. And I have to stop dedicating every single blog post to singing his praises. It’s hard not to though, as every day I feel gratitude and amazement at how wonderful life is. B and Monkey are the reasons why.


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