Sniffles and Beans

Eurgh. Definitely have a cold looming – I’m sniffly and I have a slight headache. Monkey woke up with a sharp cough and his little forehead felt warm after we got back from school. I suppose it’s the season for it, and I usually end up with a bit of a cold any time there’s a change in temperature and it’s definitely got a lot colder over the past week. Most of the time, it only gets to the stage I’m at right now – i.e. when it feels like I’m about to be hit by a terrible cold, but it doesn’t amount to any more than that, just a little sniffle and a headache.

Like last week, this week is starting out great as far as Alice goes, and today I’ve written another chapter that I’m really pleased with. B had some really useful feedback that I completely agree with, but needed pointing out to me as I’d missed considering those things whilst writing. It’s really starting to take shape and I’m at the half way mark. Oh, I know, the real hard slog is ahead of me, but to be honest I’d rather be at a stage where I’m going back to rewrite, reconsider and retool the story and its parts, than be at the beginning of that first draft with all those chapters and scenes in front of me. I find the blank page a lot more daunting than having to tidy up a bunch of pages that may be a little messy.

And messy it is – I have still to iron out a few inconsistencies in terms of dates and timelines, along with characters’ ages, but that’s nothing near as bad as having to rework a character’s whole personality and/or motivation. I struggle to settle on how old Alice should be. 29? 33? 36? Once I have that figured out, I guess I can just work backwards from there.

Monday, Monday… B’s had his budget presentation today, but texted me a couple of times to say it was going well. Going to get dinner going soon so it’s ready by the time he gets back. Then Made in Chelsea and an early night. He has another budget presentation day ahead of him tomorrow, but after that it’ll be out of the way, so tomorrow I’m going to take him out for drinks and de-stress. He’s incredibly good tempered for someone who claims to be stressed and tense at the moment, but then he’s very laid back in general, so I suppose it’d be weird if he suddenly started acting the way I do when I’m stressed out. I just can’t handle it, which is ironic as I’m actually a lot better when the pressure is on. Although, I guess stress and pressure are two different things. I just get snappy and irritable if I’m on edge.

Monkey once again nagged me today, on our way back from school, to let him walk there and back on his own. He’s ten. When I was ten I cycled to school on my own, as well as cycling from my mum’s to my dad’s, which was a good 7-8 kilometres. Difference being, however, that I grew up in a small village in countryside Sweden, where the most dangerous thing you could encounter would be…. Actually, there just didn’t seem to be any dangers. I was about to say ‘an angry moose’, but they don’t tend to be angry and are normally keen to avoid you. I know of course, that you don’t often hear about schoolboys who get kidnapped on their way to or from school, but Monkey just seems too young. Too small to defend himself should anything happen, and also he’s sometimes in his own little world and there are a couple of tricky crossings en route.

Perhaps in a year from now. Or hook up with his friend O’s mum – they live about half way to school from here, and I suppose I’d consider it more OK if I walked Monkey to O’s house and the two of them walked together from there. Gah! Noooooooooo I still don’t like it. Unfortunately for Monkey, I’ll probably feel the same way when he turns 42.

Right. A bit more on Alice and then on to dinner. A great session once again with R this morning, so I’m full of beans as usual!


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