Red Lipstick and Roundabouts

Yippie! It’s really Christmassy in Kiwinavia now! Still no tree, but the Lucia procession is on the high chest of drawers singing away, the Christmas star is hanging in the dining room window here in my writing spot, the Christmas electric candle holder is in front of the fire place and the festive fairy lights arranged across the mantle piece. I love Christmas and I looooove the lead-up to it! B looked a little unsure when I, a week ago, decided now was as good a time as any to get into the spirit, but this afternoon he smiled broadly at me and told me how special this is. And it is!! I loved this writing spot at the dining table before, but now it’s just goddamn AWESOME! I might just wear the Santa hat every time I write.

christmas star

Today should have lead to an argument, but somehow we managed to get through it. Instead of staying in bed for a while when I woke up at 7.30am, I bounced up and put the coffee on. A sleepy B sauntered into the kitchen and I manipulatively asked if I was making breakfast or if he was, knowing full well that this would prompt him to do it. Yep, I’m that cunning and he falls into the trap Every Single Time, glorious man. We had some wine last night and I should have had at least a tiny hangover, but instead B – who, in fairness, had probably preferred less of a hectic morning – was treated to ADHD Anna. Part of me did feel that we should be chilling out, so decided that now would be a splendid time to watch Frozen, cuddled up on the sofa. Said and done. However, towards the middle I started to get seriously restless and then hatched the next plan.

Oh yes, just what every boyfriend wants to hear on a Sunday morning – let’s go to IKEA!

Poor bastard. He does have it tough, and truth be known I have no idea how he puts up with the hurricane that is me, but perhaps he’s just easily led and I also know how to negotiate – a finely tuned method that involves showing a bit of cleavage and generally praising him for being such a macho man. Easy.

Anyhoo. So off we went. Bit crazy, really. Didn’t shower, just got dressed and then I slapped on some red lipstick (of course – what better to go with yesterday’s make-up?) and we were on our way. B wants me to drive. I know how to drive of course, but the problem is that I’ve never driven here in the UK bar for the times B taken/made me. But his car is an automatic, so really it’s just accelerating, braking and steering. Easy peasy. Driving to IKEA from here means going via Hangar Lane and that huge roundabout, which scares me a bit, but I somehow managed, even though I very, VERY nearly knocked a cyclist over on our way back. His fault though, he should have got out of my way.

The red lipstick is from a press kit my Swedish BFF gave me. She’s Head of PR for Scandinavia at this huge beauty brand and often gives me a load of freebies, and the latest batch included some red lipsticks. It sticks like anything, impossible to get off, so you need to get it right straight off or you’re doomed. I did OK though, but have made a mental note to get the contour pen because it’s hard work. It won’t come off no matter what you do – your lips will stay impeccably vixen like. It does come off on to anything your lips touch though. In this case B. I warned him when he kept leaning in for kisses at IKEA, did that thing I in actual face hate: turned my cheek. But it was for a good reason. He insisted, so I gave up and planted a big, smoochy, smacker of a kiss on him, where we were standing amongst the kitchen trinkets in the downstairs market hall.

Some people stared, some kids pointed their fingers and when B didn’t quite get it, I took a photo of him and showed him. My tall, sexy, masculine, dream boat of a man, with bright red lips all smudged and messy. Being easy-going and clearly also very secure in himself, he wiped the worst off against the back of his hand but couldn’t have cared less. I do love that about him, just like I love everything else that is anything to do with my beautiful B.

barry lipstick

Our bounty complete with Christmas tree baubles, tinsel, gingerbread cookie dough (it’s too hard to make and I only ever eat the dough anyway – oh shush, it’s delicious), two wine racks (coz that’s just how we roll) and the Christmas star that is now hanging up and sending a bit of festive cheer out at the street, we headed back to Chiswick and collected Monkey from his friend J’s. We had J over Friday night, and last night J’s mum decided it was her turn to have the two bandits. I don’t like it when Monkey’s not around, and sure enough, I woke up early from a nightmare I don’t want to put into words. Now he’s back though, and he and B are on the Xbox playing FIFA 15. My world is so complete and I almost can’t believe how very fortunate I am. These people I can call family, especially those two boys in the living room – gosh, I really do have it all and there is nothing more I could ask for.


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