Herbals and Hybrids

Right! Sister weekend a’hoy! The Little One is still asleep – she’s always been a sleeper, of course, and if there’s no alarm to wake her, she normally wouldn’t emerge until midday or so. I’m the opposite, have always been an early bird and almost regardless of when I go to bed I’ll bounce up any time between 6 and 7am. I don’t like sleeping in. Even if I sleep until 9am, I feel annoyed and bristly, as if I’ve wasted part of the day.

This morning is a good example of why I love mornings. Got up just after 6am with B. Monkey was already up – seems he’s inherited his mum’s bouncy-upness, and he’s usually up as early as 5.30 – and on his iPad in the livingroom. Put some coffee on and had breakfast with B, then a cigarette on the balcony (yes, I need to quit – WE need to quit), and now B’s left for work. Outside, it’s just about light, but was dark when we got up. I love being up at that time, when you sort of witness the sunrise. Not that there’s any sunrise to speak of, this is London after all. The grey clouds look heavy and ominous, and I keep checking my weather app, which informs me that by 11am the sun will come out. I hope so.

I was going to take my sister for the walk along Regents Canal, which is not a good option if there’s any risk of rain – there’s nowhere you can cut off it really, should it start to pour down, and as it’s a good 2-3 miles in distance, you’d be soaked and miserable, so I do hope the weatherman updating my app knows his stuff. Has it not cleared up a little by the time we’ve taken Monkey to school, we may have to opt for the South Bank instead. And that’s not a bad thing, it’s just I wanted to show the Little One the lovely canal walk, given it’s fairly undiscovered and you often just see another, say, perhaps 40 people in total on the whole way.

She has no requirements for entertainment, easy going as she is. All she wants is to find a tea shop (she’s into her herbals), and I’m toying with the idea of Harrods, they have vast arrays of every type of tea you can think of. Probably as expensive as saffron, but might be worth a look. Otherwise there’ll be plenty of other, more affordable, places.

As always, it was so great to drive to Heathrow to collect her – the same excitement and anticipation I feel every time someone from ‘home’ visits. Not that I consider Sweden ‘home’ anymore. It’s where my roots are, but ‘home’ is now London and I’ve considered it that for a long, long time now. Sometimes I feel a little lost, like I’m somewhere in the middle. In many ways – possibly because I’ve spent my whole adult life here in the UK – I feel more Brittish than Swedish, in others I am irreversibly Swedish and can’t always relate to the Brits and their ways. It’s odd. I guess I’m an even blend by now. Some kind of hybrid.

There’s a series called Welcome to Sweden, by Greg Poehler. He’s Amy Poehler’s brother (she has a cameo part, as well as Will Ferrell who has a Swedish wife, and even Gene Simmons, Patrick Duffy has a bit part too!) and it’s a comedy series about how he finds moving to Sweden with his Swedish girlfriend. It’s bitter sweet and in some places even hysterically funny. And yes, it IS accurate. I do love observational humour. I think my favourite part is when he tries really hard to be Swedish and people end up thinking he’s depressed. Priceless. Point is though, I know some Swedes feel a little offended by it, don’t like all that much to be made fun of, but having lived away from there for so long, I suspect it’s easier for me to see Sweden, Swedes and all things Swedish through foreign eyes. I do recommend it. Probably only funny if you’re Swedish or American though.

Right. Time to get Monkey ready and then see if I can wake the Little One – she wanted to come along on the walk to Monkey’s school, so I’ll give her a gentle knock in a minute. Then breakfast when we get back and then off on adventures. Apart from tea, there are other things on the shopping list too – I need to get the dress I’ve had my eye on for the upcoming Christmas parties, and POSSIBLY a pair of shoes (but only if they’re the kind I know I’ll wear again – I’m very good at buying heels I can’t walk in), and some make-up. It’s good that it’s Friday, meaning central London won’t be as crowded as it is over the weekend.

…..oh shit! Today is Black Friday, isn’t it? Oh bugger……


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