Mistakes and DNA

The timing sucks, but at least I now feel a little calmer as I know what’s wrong with me. Over the past three weeks I have come down with a fever no less than five times. Now, that’s not normal. To have a temperature up and down over the course of two or even three days when you have a cold, fine, but not as many times as this over the course of three weeks. We have all had the cold – me, B and Monkey – but to have a fever come back more than twice on separate occasions usually means there’s an infection in your body that it’s unable to fight off, I’m no doctor but that much I did know. However, with my sister coming over, I didn’t have time to faff around with doctor’s appointments and stuff, so I just thought nothing would change much over the weekend and I’d figure the rest out come Monday.


Collected the Little One at Heathrow Thursday evening and all was well in the world. Friday she and I strolled along the canal between Little Venice and Camden, then had a look around Camden Market, before hitting Carnaby Street and eventually Westfield shopping centre before heading home exhausted. I did feel a bit shivery from lunch time onwards, but it’s late November and I thought it was just because we’d been walking (and got warm) then just browsing around an outdoor market (getting chilled down again). Had a couple of drinks on the way home, then a couple more at home and watched a film.

29 Nov 2014 Jonna

In the middle of the night I woke up with this intense back ache and the fever was back full force. One minute I was so cold I pretty much tried to pull B on top of me for warmth (and he immediately started to sweat as I was boiling hot and it got unbearably warm for him), the next I was soaked in sweat. Any time I tried to move, my aching back shot daggers of pain to the sides, so by the time we got to morning, I was exhausted, achy and upset. Made breakfast for my sister, B went to his gym class and I got on the phone to the health service helpline – I knew something worse than a cold was going on, so needed advice. I was hoping they’d say “oh, that’s nothing, go see your doctor next week, just take a painkiller”.


You need to be seen within two hours. Go to [nearby hospital] for 1pm.

Eek. Said and done, B took me once he got back. Turns out I have ended up with two separate infections raging around in me, and got prescribed a horse’s dose of antibiotics and the doctor gave me instructions to alternate paracetamol and ibuprofen to combat my fever. Terrible timing, but after having fevers on and off over the course of three weeks I knew something was up and felt relieved that a doctor had diagnosed me before the hypochondriac in me got to take over. That’s when I go on Google and type in symptoms and then wide eyed and filled with horror read articles about cancer, Ebola and Mad Cow Disease (always been a mad cow, but hey-ho).

So. Back home and still feverish, I’ve taken the first lot of pills and retreated to under the duvet when B and my sister have headed off to Kew Gardens. The Little One (although not so little anymore at the age of 25) is doing her doctorate, and it’s all about plant DNA and stuff (vay clever) so Kew Gardens is right up her little botanical street. They usually have lots of Christmas stuff going on, like a market, an enchanted walk, etc, so hopefully they’ll have a nice time. I do feel terrible and guilty as I should be spending time with her/them, but I just checked my temperature – hopefully the first batch of paracetamol will kick in soon, because this is very high for me: 38.7. Boo.

Oh well. Hopefully a couple of hours of sleep will help.


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