Google Facts and Playing Dead

The first thing I googled with regards to the antibiotics I am now on?

  1. What type of antibiotic is this?
  2. Known side effects?
  3. Can it cause any damage to my stomach/liver/whatever?

No, no and no. Anna the Menace googled this:

“[Antibiotics] in combination with alcohol.”

Yeah, that’s probably a bit of a worry, but I have priorities and Sauvignon Blanc is one of them. I’ve been in a grouchy mood today and gagging for a glass of wine, so it was with giddy relief (worry #2?) that I read on several websites that the antibiotics I’m on have no known side effects in combination with wine, glorious wine (worry #3 that I feel the need to add ‘glorious’?). One does not affect the other, so after decorating the tree (basically ordering B about, generally barking at him and making faces behind his back when he magically just doesn’t understand WHICH GODDAMN BRANCH I WANTED THAT FUCKING BAUBLE TO HANG FROM), I am now writing my morning pages with a glass of wine next to me.

B went for a run earlier and is in the shower. He will be out in probably ten minutes (after turning our bathroom into Auschwitz – he uses on average half a spray can of deodorant a day) and I can already picture his frown when he will find his red cheeked little Swede here with a glass of wine and a happy smile on her face. I feel gleeful already, ready to quote from all the medical websites (oh yeah, all the tabs are open – only wish I had a highlighter and I’d use it on the screen, I feel THAT victorious) and I might just go and find some statistics about the many benefits of Sauvignon Blanc to demonstrate that I am in actual fact being sensible. Well, he’ll thank me later, no doubt.

I have slept most of the day, think I needed it after that damn fever keeping me up several nights this week. Since early afternoon yesterday, once I had all the drugs and prescriptions from the doctor, I’ve not had a fever and I did sleep really well last night. But we did get up at 4.30am to take my sister back to Heathrow, and despite heading back to bed for just over an hour when we got back, I think I probably needed to catch up on a few winks. Feel better now, and will no doubt feel a million dollars once I’m through this glass of (glorious) wine.

Teehee, I can hear B in the kitchen, ooohhhhhh here he is….. Now let’s see if he scolds me… Hm, he’s gone into the livingroom, aaaarrghhhhh and there it was! He looked into the dining room and asked if I needed anything from the shop.

Just more wine!” I replied chirpily.

Cue frown when B clocks my wine glass. Cue Anna rattling off medical Google facts (hm, yes, there’s a problem with that sentence, I do get that, but I’m the sort of person who believes what I want to believe). He ain’t happy, has gone off. The devil in me half fancies pretending to have fallen into a coma, splay myself on the floor and scare him for good measure, but that seems a bit cruel. All he wants is the best for me, and I wouldn’t want my beautiful B to be scared for even a second, so I’ll come up with some less evil pranks.

The tree is looking really lovely, as it happens, B’s done well there. Some Norwegian pine (not as great as majestic Swedish trees but hey, at least it’s Scandinavian), all fat and bushy, a lovely deep green (well, I guess most pine trees are) and we’ve managed not to go over the top with the decorations. Think we got it just about right. Just need a star to go on top, and then we’ll be all set. Today is also the first of Advent, and lovely, thoughtful B picked up candles earlier – remembering without prompting, which I thought was really nice. After all, I don’t think kiwis (or Brits for that matter) celebrate Advent like us Scandies, so it meant a lot to me.

I reckon he’ll be back any second, so I’m going to make an effort to be less cheeky.

30 Nov 2014 tree


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