Shopkeepers and Resemblance

So I hear you’re writing a book?” the shopkeeper asked me after we’d exchanged pleasantries when I bought some of the last ciggies B and I will be smoking, given we’re giving up soon.

Everyone knows everyone in the small town I’m from, and it turns out my Dad has been talking about it. If there’s anyone everyone knows, it’s him – I’m always “Owe’s daughter”, I doubt anyone I don’t personally know knows me as ‘Anna’. I am the daughter of this character everyone knows, and my Dad’s truly a character – you always hear him before you see him, and he is liked and loved by all who know him, which is everybody. Loud, gregarious and larger than life. Always a huge smile on his face, that matches his booming, happy voice so well. I am the spit of him. My mother is spectacularly beautiful, always has been, and even at 64 years of age she’s a headturner but it’s my father I resemble the most. He recently sent me a photo B took of the two of us using his mobile and added “who’s who?” with it.

I cringed a little and told this shopkeeper that, yes, that’s what I’m attempting to do, but OMG my Dad shouldn’t have said anything because I’ll feel so stupid if it doesn’t come off, then rattled off facts like how microscopical the chances of getting published are and even if you do strike gold it would take a hell of a lot to make a living out of it. He smiled, handed me the cigarette packets and wished me good luck. I told him we’re giving up after New Year’s and also how we’ll see how February works out.

Jeez, the pressure is really on now! I’d better make Alice work, but hand on heart I do believe so fully it’ll happen. This story I just have to tell is just too good! Just like this larder in Falla that smells so strongly of berries for reasons that cannot be explained – just like my Alice scarf (which is put to good use now, trust me, it’s -10 degrees Celcius currently) it holds so much of the story.

…….and being here at Falla when it’s surrounded by this beautiful winter wonderland has added some more integral pieces.



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