Snoozing and Yatzee

Holy mother of all that is holy – despite December having been a little OTT in terms of my vin blanc intake, I’m so hungover today I can barely move. It’s gone 1pm and we’ve only been up for just over an hour. Sitting at the kitchen table here in Falla last night, the wine flowed, we put the world to rights as usual and B kept beating me at Yatzee. We’re off to have a little snooze as we both feel quite rough and I hope that a nap with the help of a vitamin bomb (aka a Berocca plus a vitamin C effervescent) will put us right again. This evening we’re meant to head to my brother D’s. B is off with D to have a sauna in the freezing cold, and I’ll get some quality time (and more wine, no doubt) with my lovely sister-in-law M. Not only is she my brother’s missus and the mother of three of my five beautiful nephews, but she’s also one of my best friends.

Obviously, having a girls’ night takes quite a bit of engineering seeing as I am only here two or three times of year and on those occasions also have to rush around to see lots of other people, but she works all the time and when she doesn’t she has a household, a hubby and three sons to keep in check. The plan is for B and D to bugger off and do whatever boys do when us chicks aren’t watching (it’ll involve booze, I’m sure), and despite my sore head and general fragile state, I can’t wait to get to have M all to myself (well, the kids will be around, including my Monkey, but they go off and play) and have a good old catch-up.

Seriously, this is all I can muster – I feel THAT rough.


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