Bambi and Broken Bones

It’s easier to write when I’m down, I find and it’s possibly the only downside to being such a happy creature, not helped of course, by the fact that I am the mother of the best kid on the planet and also get to wake up next to my best friend every morning. Oh, and my best friend also happens to be fucking hot. Said best friend has been sleeping rather uncomfortably here in Falla, as it happens. This bedroom has two single beds that we push together – add wild sex and you can probably do the math. Even cuddling up as we go to sleep means one of us – B, always B! – ends up lying on the crack and occasionally this widens. Oh well.

Perhaps I’m too happy or perhaps I’m too much in holiday mode, but I don’t feel inspired today, beyond sharing some photos of what’s around us here at Falla, this wonderful place where my heart truly is.


 Yes, those are moose! How exotic, eh? Huge, scary things – so glad we were in the car and not out walking. They’re like overgrown horses with bad tempers.


 In the summer, we sat by this little lake deep in the woods, drinking beer out of the can and wondering when the family enjoying an evening swim would bugger off so we could have sex.


 Yep, that’s Bambi – two of them, in fact – coming into the garden in the evening (although this could well be 3pm – it’s Sweden, after all) to nibble at the bird food Dad’s put out for his “little’uns”.


 The outside Christmas tree is looking a little cold – so pretty, like something out of Frozen.


 ….and lastly, my gorgeous B. Yep, that’s my Dad’s ski gear and he’s also put on the t-shirt D got for him. See what I mean? My family’s completely highjacked him. What’s next, a Volvo?! Dreading skiing tomorrow a little, by the way – I am really useless. I’ve never broken a bone in my life and I don’t want tomorrow to be a first in that sense.


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