Two Ridges and Sailors on Leave

An hour left of 2014 as I type this, and I am steadily catching up with B – this wine is starting to go down like water. It’s a nice one, despite coming in a box – Two Ridges, a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, that we buy plenty off every time we’re in Sweden. B’s already had five whiskeys, first a couple with my Dad, then with my stepdad, plus some wine with dinner at my Mum’s. I’ll overtake him, no doubt – I drink like a sailor on leave.

That was today: coffee at Dad’s (whiskey for Dad and B), then dinner at Mum’s. After being at Dad’s, we collected grandma and took her with us to Mum’s. All very civilised and as usual Mum had put on a dinner that you would be happy to pay for at a Michelin starred restaurant.

You should open one in London and call it ‘Casa Inga’!” B exclaimed.

My sister shot me an amused glance. We all understood what he meant, of course, but in Swedish it sounds like ‘kassa’, which means shit or rubbish. Oh well. After chomping down the glorious steak with the cute lingonberry jelly Mum had made, we headed back here, dropping grandma on the way making sure we helped her inside – she’s 86 and has brittle bones, a year ago she slipped on the ice and broke her hip and her wrist, so we ensured she had one of us to hold on to the whole way. We were back here just after 10pm and I ripped that wine box open, gasping for a glass of wine and now on my third. The world is starting to look right again. And B? He’s having wine too and making a fire.

Instead of fireworks we have bought some Thai lanterns – everyone nearby has hunting dogs, and it seems unnecessary to scare the poor mites half to death, although obviously these mutts are all used to loud gun shots. Either way. I like the idea of lanterns, even though tonight has turned out to be very foggy – Lake Fryken is freezing over and it’s a very deep lake, which means it takes a long time compared with the other lakes around here, and when it does freeze it sends off copious amounts of fog. The air is thick with it, but we’ll be sending up our five lanterns regardless – one for each of us, B and I and our three boys.

Auf Wiedersehn, 2014 – you’ve been truly amazing, so here is my heartfelt thanks for being such a wonderful year, possibly my best one yet. No doubt 2015 will be equally, or even more fantastic. In fact, I think 2015 will be The One. Our lives will truly fall into place then with B finally getting rid of his cumbersome ex, my book getting finished and Monkey and B’s two boys continuing to thrive.

Perhaps the wine has added to the euphoria I feel, but I am looking to the future with such joyous expectation and excitement I can barely wait for the rest of our lives to unfold!

Happy New Year – may everyone’s dreams and wishes come true!

31 Dec 2014 pic


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