Dishes and Extremes

Apart from some washed up dishes on the side of the sink, our apartment looks pretty much the way we left it. B’s oldest son was here with his girlfriend for a couple of days when we were away, and clearly didn’t use enough plates and glasses to need the dishwasher, and there’s also a cardboard box in the livingroom which betrays how he must have given his girlfriend a teddy bear. Oh yeah, we were nosy enough to read the delivery note inside it before chucking it in the trash.

To be fair, every time we go away, it seems to go by so quickly, but this time it was extreme and I’m not sure why. We went on the 22nd of December and today it’s the 2nd of January, so if you remove those two days when we were travelling, we spent ten full days in Sweden. And we took it easy most of the time – no rushing around like mad to see lots of people and do lots of things. In fact, we did precisely what we’d hoped: spent Christmas and New Year’s with family, had an evening with my brother D and sister-in-law M, saw friends, went skiing and managed to relax lots with plenty of “us-time” at Falla. Still, it seems to have just whizzed by and it’s a little surreal to be back.

So here we are – 2015 and we are non-smokers, as well as letting January be a super healthy month (no booze whatsoever) and both serious about getting fit again. B’s kept fit all along, he seems to be able to go for runs or to the gym no matter what we’ve done the night before, whereas for me this has NOT been the case. It’s safe to say we drank more evenings than we didn’t in December. In fact I’d say the days we didn’t I can probably count on one hand, and I can’t so much as even think about exercise when I have a hangover. Think the last time I went for a run was at least a couple of months ago, so I am keen as hell to get into it again and work my way back to how wonderfully healthy and fit I used to feel less than two years ago when I’d go running at least four or five times a week. Yeah, those days when four miles felt EASY. Right about now I doubt I could run half a mile without getting out of breath.

The 10k app (as well as the 21k one to follow once I can get through 10k without keeling over – I intend to do a half marathon later this year, I’ve done it before so I know it’s achieveable) is downloaded to my phone and I’m heading out for my first run on Monday. Tonight we’re just chilling and tomorrow we’ll just sort out our suitcases, do laundry and tidy up, do a big food shop and do some more chilling. Sunday we’re taking B’s youngest back up to university so will be a busier day. And Monday? Monday, Monday, Monday…. That’s when it’s back to normal and heading into what promises to be our best year yet with determination and excitement – I know 2015 will be fanfuckingtastic and I’m so excited and happy about all the things it has in store.

I’m ready now to get on with Alice. Sure, I’m also still at the stalling stage, where I’m once again at the point where the blank screen mocks me and has me locking up, but I also know now how to overcome writer’s block, so I’m not that worried. The point I’m at is where I need to rewrite some parts following the editor’s feedback, which I find harder than just keeping on writing from that half way mark I found myself at beginning of December. But, a little time away from Alice has once again allowed me to properly think it all through and the new directions (and execution of some characters) are now clearer in my mind and were massively helped along by spending time at Falla and again opening the door to the larder that inexplicably smells so strongly of berries.

Most of all, I am going into 2015 the way I left 2014 and 2013 before it – with an immense sense of joy and gratitude. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from grinning like a fool at how wonderful life truly is, and some of those times I can’t even suppress an exhilarated giggle.

The sky’s the limit.


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