Fairy Lights and Snug Bits

Things I’d like to get:

  • A set of fairy lights for the mantelpiece
  • Lamp for the livingroom
  • Shoes
  • Underwear for B
  • Two photoframes

One of the first things I did in the beginning of our relationship was to replenish B’s underwear drawer. Out went the crappy, washed out Marks & Sparks black (or washed-out grey as it were) boxer shorts and in went a new collection of funky and bright Björn Borg undies. Yep, nothing but the best stuff to hug B’s bits snugly in place. One pair are even blue and yellow and have ‘Sweden’ printed on them as well as Björn Borg’s face. Bit creepy perhaps, but still. They’re not cheap, so lately when we’ve been on a budget I’ve not added to his existing ten or so pairs, but he needs some new ones now as the ones he does have are starting to suffer the curse of too many washes.

Once I’d cleared out Christmas when B was at the gym earlier, the apartment ended up looking really bare. Gone are the light sling that adorned the mantelpiece, as well as the electric candle holder I’d placed in front of the fireplace. Even with all the tealight holders and little frames and other trinkets put back on the mantelpiece, it all looks a little… …naked. I’d placed this Christmas arrangement of dried twigs with glitter and fake red berries on them in the big glass jar next to the fireplace, and that too looks really bare now. I’m sure it didn’t appear that way before, but now it does and I want to get back to Christmas cosy without it being Christmassy. What I have left is the Christmas star in the dining room window – in the UK people don’t seem to have these, so it might just appear to be wintery, plus I love it so won’t take it down just yet. Perhaps when the days once again get lighter.

So the question is, do we dare brave the hell on earth that is Westfield shopping centre?

Oh, and these are the shoes I have my eye on….

3 Jan 2015 pic


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