Lamps and Geek Glasses

Busy day ahead today!

B left just minutes ago to catch the red-eye flight to Amsterdam (hence the unGodly hour) and he’s away until tomorrow. Unfortunately Monkey’s with his dad until Friday, so I am completely boyless, which I don’t like at all – having one of them away from me is bad enough, so both is torture. I’m already dreading the last week of this month, when B will be in the States for a week. I might get my father over. He retired early a few years ago, and he therefore has a pretty open diary as well as a weighty wallet, so I might just get him over. It’s rare I get to have him all to myself, so that could be fun – as loud and crazy as he is, he is also incredibly insightful and wise and some of the most enlightening and deep conversations I’ve had have been with Dad.

Anyway, it’s good to be busy when I’m boyless and today is exhausting me even though it’s barely started yet. I’m heading to Westfield to get some make-up bits and see if I can find some nice lamps for the livingroom. Won’t get lamps without B, but can always send him pictures and then we can go together. At lunchtime I’m walking a little Labradoodle puppy called Bertie, a new little friend of mine. After that brisk walk I’ll be warmed up so will head straight out for a run. 3pm I’ve got an appointment at the optician’s as I’m pretty sure my eyesight is worse than it used to be – I keep doing that thing old people do on my phone: I lean back holding it away from me, grimacing and squinting. I suspect I’m longsighted as I can read really small print from far away, but close up I’m definitely not seeing things as sharply as I used to. Yes, there we are, I’m getting old. Part of me likes the idea of a really funky pair of geek frames, but it’s one thing to wear them out of choice, another because you have to.

And that’s pretty much it. After all that I’ll see if I can cram some writing in and I’m trying to see if I can also squeeze in some time with Wifey after she’s finished work, but despite feeling I can do all of the above today, I think it might just be a little too ambitious.

I actually have heaps of time before I can get on with anything – it’s just gone 6am and Westfield doesn’t open for another four hours…. So turn my attention to the novel? Carpe diem, I may as well!


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