Body Pump and Xbox

When I picked Monkey up from school yesterday, I barely recognised him. In a week, he’s transformed from a shock of unkempt, mop-like hair, to a cool do for which he uses hairgel. Oh, and he now suddenly also uses deodorant! I can’t imagine those soft little armpits being smelly. To think that those soft cheeks will one day be coarse with stubble and carry the scent of aftershave, I don’t even want to think about. Gone are the days of Johnson’s baby oil added to his bath.

This Saturday morning is just like any other: B at the gym for his body pump class, Monkey on the Xbox and me at the computer writing. I was going to head out for a run when B’s back, but it’s really windy and also now raining and I don’t know if I can be bothered. I’ve been ever so good though – still a non-smoker (and crabby as fuck as a result) and have been out three times for a run this week. I was going to follow the programme as set out by my 10k app, but I’m still reasonably fit so have skipped to what otherwise would be week #4 and was out for over an hour yesterday. All very gentle still, but I reckon just about right for now, given how I’ve let myself go a little and am both heavier and more unfit than a few months ago – run two minutes, walk for three and repeat ten times.

10 Jan 2015 pic

It felt really good and once I’m back to mastering 10k without keeling over, I’m moving up to the app for 21k so I can register for a half marathon. Might persuade B to do it with me, as well as the marathon – hahr-hahr. He’s had a stubborn knee injury, but after several physio appointments he seems better, so perhaps running with another person is something I might try after all, despite always having hated it. It’s quite hard work, unless you have the exact same level of fitness, but more importantly, pace. I’ve experienced both types of discrepancies – running with someone who is that little bit faster and fitter is pure torture as you’re constantly that little bit over your own comfortable pace, and running with someone slower and less fit is equally frustrating. But hey, perhaps it can be done. I’ll reassess in a month or two once my fitness is back to what it was.

Still raining, so instead of doing an additional run this week, I’m hitting the shower before we take on the rest of the day which involves a friend of Monkey’s over and some shopping later on.


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