Energy and Menthol

It’s fair to say that I haven’t treated my body very well over the past couple of years. I’ve smoked on and off (hand on heart, mostly ON) since I was a teenager and in my thirties I have periodically had wine more evenings than I haven’t. In fact, I’ve treated it so badly that I’m amazed it isn’t angrier than it is at me. Sure, I can see that I have that dull, grey-ish ‘smoker’s skin’ and over the past year I haven’t been able to run 5k without having to stop and walk a couple of hundred yards min-run at least once. Still, considering how mean I’ve been to my body, I’d say I’ve kept in pretty good shape.

Now that B and I have both quit smoking (two weeks without cigarettes today, whoo!) and also banned vin blanc throughout January, I find that not only does my skin look a lot healthier already, but I can suddenly – and with relative EASE, would you believe – run those pesky 5k without feeling my lungs are about to explode, and get back home feeling I could have kept going for another 2k perhaps. OK, so it’s not where I was – I couldn’t run 10k right now, and my time per kilometer is very far off what it was – but the important thing is that I’m running again and getting out there, doing something good for this poor, old body and heart again.

But hang on….

Yesterday, and again today, I wake up with a banging headache and feel so lethargic I just want to crawl back to bed. What the fuck is up with that?! I should be bouncing up at 6am like I used to, energetic Anna who’d have the whole place cleaned and tidied by 8am and pinging of the walls in the process like a goddamn pinball. Oh no. I don’t get it – even after putting away 1 1/2 bottle of Marlborough’s finest as well as puffing my way through a whole packet of glorious Marlboro menthols the night before, I don’t recall having headaches like the ones I woke up with yesterday and this morning.

The devil in me wants to draw the conclusion that cutting out wine is not just uneccessary but actually BAD FOR YOU. And perhaps cigarettes aren’t so bad? No, not really – I won’t go there, but I’m sure my body is missing all those sugary calories wine used to give it and perhaps it’s my body still adjusting two weeks later. I’m making it sound like I am (or was) an alcoholic, which is not the case, but we did use to drink too much and too often and I’m happy to get back to my former fit and healthy self. Just need these stupid headaches to go and start to benefit from the endorphins that should be rushing through my system now that I’m back into the running.

The only thing I have left to do to get with the record really, is get back to Alice. Yes, still stalling but I will get it done if it kills me.

15 Jan 2015 pic


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