Garbo and Cosy Corners

Today’s challenge – find me a nation with better looking money than Sweden!

No, really, just have a look at the new 100 Kronor bill:

20 Jan 2015 pic

Nothing nicer than digging the beautiful Greta Garbo out of your purse to pay for an over priced coffee. Luckily, I don’t have to endure over priced coffee as I probably won’t be visiting my native turf until the summer (unless B and I end up on some impulse weekend trip – entirely possible) and instead this afternoon I’ll be getting my venti-skinny-extra-hot-wet lattes at reasonable prices at Starbucks in Putney where I’ll be meeting up with Wifey later for a catch-up.

I have procrastinated enough now. No more figuring out or contemplation needed. What is needed is to shift my round ass into gear and if I don’t make a goddamn start, I’ll just keep on stalling. So. I’m going to finish this mug of coffee, have a shower and get ready, take Bertie the Labradoodle for a long walk, then get my laptop and notes and head to Putney hours ahead of seeing Wifey, find a cosy little corner in Starbucks and GET ON WITH THE NOVEL. No ifs or buts. I was at the half way mark in November, for crying out loud, and although some needs to be rewritten and reworked, I am well on my way and with promising feedback from the editor to boost me, so no excuses now.

By the end of February I intend to have a complete first draft and that is in no way unrealistic. There! Those are the challenges – find good looking bank notes and finish the book. Easy peesy!


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