Blisters and Harm

B’s working from home today, and thank God for that – currently he has the world weighing on his shoulders and has to spend tomorrow in court to try to disentangle himself from a woman so bitter she makes arsenic taste sweet. It’s staggering the amount of shit she’s caused, fuelled no doubt by her blisteringly intense desire to hurt B as much as possible. All we can do is hope that there is some justice in the world and that a judge will rule an outcome that they both can live with. I know, I know – she’s probably the last person whose future happiness I should be concerned with, but once she comes out of her red mist she will hopefully see how needless all her actions have been. How she sleeps at night I’ll never know, but then I never did expect to be able to relate to a woman so completely ruled by anger, greed and bitterness.

24 hours. That’s all we need to get through now and then this nasty, black-hearted piece of shit is out of our lives and we’ll just have to think of the money B will have to part with as tax. The cancer that is WF is finally, after all this time, being cut out and it’s not a day too soon. Never have I encountered anyone so intend on causing harm and I gave up trying to understand a long time ago. In 24 hours she’ll be gone and I can’t wait to get on with the rest of our lives without this negative force in them. Finally.

…..and if there’s such a thing as Karma, she’ll doubtlessly come back in her next life as a toilet brush.

22 Jan 2015 pic


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