Digits and Lightbulbs

And so here we are – the day when it all came to a conclusion. WF did her best, but being poorly represented coupled with not being the sharpest tool in the box along with her greed plain for all to see (oh yes, for the judge too), it all fell flat. Sure, it’s all deeply unfair that she can grab such a large slice of what B has worked hard for all his life, and disgusting that she can do so with absolutely no regard for him or his future, but she is now nothing but a string of digits on our monthly bank statements and good riddance to her.

The funniest thing was how she actually wanted to know about me and my income/assets in order to get her hands on more – sweetheart, over my dead body! You will have to throw me in jail sooner than I will part with a single penny to ‘support’ you, you pathetic tramp. You’re the woman who claims to need a handyman costing £600 per year “to change lightbulbs”. That was genius, we laughed quite a bit about that last night, but then it wasn’t exactly fair to expect you to formulate articulate answers and B’s barrister knew it wasn’t a member of MENSA he was cross examining.


Never again will I waste energy thinking about the dark energy that is WF and the shit she causes and I love how our future now can really begin!



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