Aches and Pains

Amazingly, I didn’t wake up umpteen times last night like I usually do when B’s away, but I did wake up on his side of the bed and once I was awake enough to register he wasn’t there, that familiar ache in my heart made itself known full force. It’s incredible, how much I need him, I miss him so much it’s physically painful, every part of me aching for him and I can conjure up in an instant how every part of B feels to touch, my hands and fingertips burning at his absence. I can recall so vividly what it feels like to nuzzle his neck, right there underneath his earlobe, where I can feel his pulse against my lips when I press them to his warm skin right there.

27 Jan 2015 pic

One night gone, four to go. I don’t think we’ve been apart for this long since we met.


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