Staying Awake and Birthday Suits

Oh sweet Lord, am I missing B! Two nights down, three to go and I am starting to go out of my mind. Oh yeah, and I sleepwalked last night. No drink (it’s still Dry January after all – boo), but on the upside I didn’t strip off this time, nor did I head outside. Yep, done that before – B once got woken by the doorbell only to find me outside in my birthday suit looking ever so slightly sheepish. All I did this time was tell Monkey to get ready for school (it was 3am, he informed me this morning) after having stuffed his lunchbag full of Go-Bars. Bless him, he claimed he just told me to get back to bed and that he stayed awake for a bit to make sure I stayed there. Oh dear. Let’s hope Social Services never find their way on to this blog.

Feeling great this afternoon, even though my run was hard work – 5.5k, so not any longer than normal, but it was really windy so much harder work. Also didn’t help that there was a sudden and quite violent downpour of cold rain the minute I got out. At least the rain stopped, but the wind was a real bitch the first half of the way. I’m so happy that I’m into it again, and even though today’s run felt hard almost the whole way, it’s still so enjoyable to feel my body having to work hard and afterwards it’s just bloody glorious. Gasping for a glass of wine, but I shall be good.


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