Open Minds and Stones

I was hoping I could just let it all go and let B’s whole divorce mess fade into history and gather dust somewhere, but there’s still a few hoops to jump through. In all of this I have tried my hardest to not only try to keep an open mind (mostly in terms of his ex-wife) but also focus on how each story has at least two sides. I’m struggling to, to be fair – it’s so incredibly difficult to attempt to relate to something that is so far removed from the world I inhabit that I may as well try to understand Chinese, which would be less of a challenge.

Bottom line though, is that whatever happens now (it’s all in the hands of the Judge, who I hope has some sense of justice and fairness), we can move on and concentrate on our future, without B’s horrid ex spewing poison and venom into our lives. She’s done her worst, has (and probably never will) stopped at nothing, but never mind – she’s the one who’ll have to face herself and what she’s put everyone through. All I know is that B and I can walk through the world with our heads held high.

Sticks and stones. So long, Satan’s Mistress!

1 Feb 2015 pic


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