Good Days and Little Loops

What an amazingly good day today has been! Started with an interview for a lovely little role at a school here in Chiswick, then off to walk Bertie the Labdadoodle and clearing my buzzing interview head, and now just back after a run – it was one of those runs when I could just keep going, and did! Got back, after enjoying every part of it, and having added extra little loops to it as I throughout discovered I wasn’t anywhere near exhausted. 8k! Yippie! I am starting to feel as fit as I used to be, and running that distance without having to stop and walk at all, I feel amazing!

Now let’s hope this morning’s opportunity turns into an offer (I have a good feeling about it) and life will have a bit more structure again – I’m a big fan of routines, plus I enjoy working and have missed having a “day job” along with the writing, so this one would be perfect!


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