Breath and Morning People

Holy crap, that was hard work! Why is it that one day I can run 8k and feel like I could have gone on, yet two days later barely getting around a 5k loop? It wasn’t even that I was getting out of breath, it was my legs getting tired and not feeling as strong as they normally do. Normally, it’s getting out of breath rather than getting sore muscles that stops me. Oh well. 5k is still good and I feel great now. I suppose it’s just like with the writing – some days it flows, others it’s hard work.

It has to be said though, that for a morning person I am a shockingly useless morning runner, which irritates me as I just LOVE mornings! I love to be out and about at 8am on a Saturday morning, when the world is just about waking up, and that would be the perfect time to run, but I’ve never been good at it. Today I went out just after 9am, but hadn’t eaten – I can’t eat first thing. I am usually up by 7am but rarely have breakfast before 10am, I just don’t get hungry until I’ve been up for a while. Perhaps that was part of it. Empty stomach and my body refusing to run at any time “a.m.” – perhaps I just need to make my peace with the fact that I’m an evening runner.


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