Wagtails and Labradoodles

….wow, that was a first in many years!

This morning, I went into a situation I’ve been faced been several times before: starting a new job. Since I left my ex-husband, there has been four of them and each one presented me with one feeling: that knot in my stomach having to go in to a situation and environment I did not want to be in. Since I left my ex, I’ve had to focus on the salary offered, so this was the first time in over a decade I walked into the beginning of a new job that I actually wanted to do and a place where I actually want(ed) to be. No wonder I came out with a big smile on my face – what a luxury!

What a luxury to be able to choose! What a luxury to start my day without feeling anxious! What a luxury to get to do something that not only enables my contribution, but also means I get to spend the weekdays somewhere I want to be!

Trust me – I am very grateful.

I rushed off to get Bertie the Labradoodle out for his walk, and with my head still spinning from all the information fed to me today, we walked around the bridges with him bouncing around all over the place (he’s a pup) and with me smiling blissfully listening to some bird song I know from my childhood (when I first learnt to know them) to mean spring is on its way. It’s a crisp and clear day, and then after dropping Bertie off at his house, I had to run to get to Monkey’s school on time, and the fact that I felt like I was overheating in my big winter coat tells me further that we’re moving towards warmer times.

Just like the wagtail sang today around the river path, my heart is singing joyfully – life is now truly unfolding and I can’t wait for the rest to unfold.

9 Feb 2015 pic

….and with my part time job (which I already love – this morning was like walking into a hug!), life now has the structure I crave. Monday to Wednesday I work the mornings then take Bertie for his walk, Thursday is my writing day (and OMG I’m so ready now to sort the rest out – so very nearly at the last sprint, just need to churn out the padding, but it’s all clear in my mind so there’s no stopping me!!) and Friday again working the morning.

It’s all falling into place.


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