Endings and Acceptance

OK, so we knew it was never going to end well, but when faced with the Judgement that landed on him today, B was quite understandably crushed. Being honest, kind and decent achieved very little, and instead the dirty and underhand tactics employed by WF served her very well. All he’s worked so hard for his whole life, she’s taken, and in the process taking a shot at ruining for the future too. We expected no less, I suppose, but all we can do is accept that there is nothing we can do and focus on our life now. WF will just have to be that unfortunate added tax.

But I have so much hope and I know it’ll all turn out wonderfully – how can it not? At the end of the day, we sleep well at night and I refuse to sink to levels that low, even if no one thanks me for it. I hope B can learn to live with it too, how it’s infinitely better to know in your heart you never set out to hurt anyone even if no one thanks you for it.

And I do. Thank him for it, I mean. The grace and dignity he has showed throughout all of this amazes me. Sure, he’s lost his cool on a handful of occasions, but I don’t think the patron saint of patience would have done better than he has. As shitty as all this is, it only further serves to remind me how lucky I am to be able to say that this incredible man is mine. My best friend.


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