Precious Slots and Paypal

I’m already loving how my weekly routines are shaping up – I love structure and I think this will do wonders for the writing, condensing it to specific slots, which in a way makes it more precious and therefore, in turn, more desirable. I think it will also make it easier for me to think of it as a job, rather than something I simply love doing and therefore go at when inspiration hits me and leave be when writer’s block has me in its grip.

The weeks when Monkey’s with us are a bit of a mad rush, but generally it is now Thursday that is my Writing Day. The one full day when the writing is all I will focus on. Well, except tomorrow! Normally, I will be working Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, but because B has booked a weekend away for my birthday (13th – I accept cash and cheques, but prefer Paypal) and Valentine’s (14th obviously), I’ll be working tomorrow as I’ll be off Friday. No idea where we’re going, all I know is we’re flying somewhere.

I know, I know – I am one lucky bitch!


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