Adoration and Shreds

My inspiration is back! This afternoon I have knocked out a big chunk of Alice, rewriting and restructuring the beginning and I am so excited I might just pee myself! I knew it was only a case of finding that starting point, that little trigger to get going – my problem isn’t keeping going, it’s starting and I’m the worst procrastinator the world has ever seen. Once I’m off, nothing can stop me and now I’m on a roll again! I’m defiantly ignoring the editor’s advice to execute the troublesome Lucy and have instead restructured her story arch and will keep her there. I’ve made her less hostile but have kept her every bit as troubled and complicated, and I like where it’s going. I needed to make Alice warmer, and Lucy’s new story arch makes this happen rather effortlessly.

So once again, I found myself in that zone – my fingers moving across the keyboard rapidly (I was a PA as well as always having been a writer – I type FAST!) yet barely keeping up with everything my mind is creating and wanting to convey. It’s a glorious day too, sunshine from a clear blue sky and a crisp chill in the air, and my walk around the bridges was bliss. Bertie the Labradoodle was a bit of a handful when we set off, but once he had got out of his mood at tearing him away from his family (it’s half term, so the kids of the family were around with grandma, whereas normally he’s alone when I come to get him out for our walk), he was as bouncy as he usually is. I just love it how he’ll take a few bouncy steps that make one of his ears fold backwards, Bertie the speedy Gonzales.

Bertie is my little mate. He chews my hands to shreds, and has ripped my winter coat in three places, but I can’t bring myself to tell him off because I’ve come to adore this little fur ball so much that I actually miss him a little when I haven’t seen him for a few days. I’m not sure I’m ready for the commitment a dog entails, so this is my happy compromise. I can’t say I’m a fan of picking up poo, and Bertie seems to shit soft poos in several little dollops that are almost impossible to pick up as you just end up smearing them out with the poo bag against the ground, but I’m actually getting used to it. And the truth is, Bertie really does cheer me up. Not that I need cheering up as I’m a very happy and content person, but you’d have to have a heart of stone not to melt at his little face, and I think he is used to me now as he’ll jump up at me and get all frantic and exciteable when I turn up.

I think that’s the nicest part about Bertie the Labradoodle (although I think it’d be more accurate to say he’s a cross between a chimpanzee and pirhana) is how he’ll make a dark day bright and a bright day brighter. I never thought I’d add “dog walker” to my CV, but trust me, it’s something I am now glad to have there and I always look forward to seeing that little fur ball.

Just look at him! How can you not love a little being this adorable? This was taken after he’d gone absolutely wild in a pile of leaves…..

18 Feb 2015 pic Bertie


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