Guilt and Karma

Stranger things have happened, so I won’t admit to being in shock about Witchface suddenly cooperating with B. Having said that, I think her sudden willingness to communicate stems from guilt at how she has truly crippled B financially for the rest of his days. Come on, had I wrecked my ex-husband in that manner, I would have been more than cooperative too. So I put it down to guilt, and that’s me hoping there’s some humanity somewhere within this awful woman that is now telling her that enough’s enough. Had it been me (and indeed, once it was), I would never have allowed for this to happen (and indeed I didn’t). Had it been me, I would not only be cooperating, I’d be hanging my head in shame.

But there we are, the wicked witch is being agreeable, but only because she’s destroyed B. Of course she’ll be OK now! What a pathetic excuse for a woman. I cringe every time I hear of this ridiculous person. Let’s just hope she puts on the same show for the insurance people tomorrow as she has for everyone else with half the energy to listen to her shameful lies over these past two years, and perhaps then something a TINY bit good might happen for B.

Her sons – behind whom she’s been hiding in order to wreck their father – will have the full extent of her disgraceful behaviour. I’m very grateful that I conducted myself in a manner that means I’ll always be able to look my son in the eye and tell him truthfully what happened in terms of his parents’ divorce and how I’ll always be able to sleep well at night. That’s more than this terrible woman will be able to do, and for that I pity her even though all this was entirely of her own doing.

Karma is a bitch and WF will no doubt come back in her next life as a toilet brush.

19 Feb 2015 pic


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