Irish Charmers and Zillions of Snacks

Every goddamn weekend, but to be fair, during the weeks too, I find myself squeezing B’s hand and telling him how much I love our life. I really do and I can’t imagine being happier than we are right in each moment as they happen. Today we’ve had one of Monkey’s usual henchmen over, the Irish Charmer, a boy he’s been at school with since Reception and they’re two peas in a pod. In fact, they even look similar with their thick mops of golden, blond hair and big blue eyes. With these two, it’s a case of a meeting of the minds – cheeky in the extreme but utterly hilarious.

We took them bowling (abandoning our more ambitious plan to take them to Chessington World of Adventures as the weather’s all shitty and I couldn’t face standing around waiting to get on rides in this cold and wind), then they spent a couple of hours playing football in the garden when B watched rugby and I entertained myself with dyeing our sofa covers. Now, we’re all winding down with B and I having some wine and the boys playing the Xbox and devouring zillions of snacks and sweets. A perfect Saturday, really.

Managed to put together a piece for the Swedish Church’s magazine that was like pulling teeth – the theme for this coming issue is neighbours and I just couldn’t find the inspiration. In the end I fired off a half hearted piece that I was actually embarrassed to submit, and can only take comfort from the fact that I have the most common name in Sweden and therefore hopefully no one will realise it was me who wrote it. Stupid really, as the book I am writing has the very idea of neighbour as a very prominent thread, centered around those people so close to us yet so anonymous. Ho-hum.

My writer’s block still has me in its cold grip but I will finish this thing if it’s the last thing I ever do. It’s what I was always meant to do and I will not go to my grave unpublished! Well, I could actually deal with the unpublished bit, but I will NOT FKN ACCEPT unfinished. Ain’t gonna happen, folks. So while I procrastinate some more and let Alice and those around her perculate some more in my mind, I’ll just enjoy my life and those in it. It can’t get any better and I wake each morning with a smile on my face, feeling such intense gratitude at everything I have been blessed with. Make no mistake – I am fully aware of how very fortunate I am.


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