Flight Conditions and Balls of Fire

Ah, nothing like getting up at 5am – as tired and sleepy as I was when B’s alarm went off, I’m now enjoying the sunrise and on my third mug of freshly brewed coffee. B’s in Dublin for the day and as always when he’s travelling, I don’t like it much – despite sort of overcoming my irrational fear of flying (as in – I now just dislike it, as opposed to freaking out and in my head composing my own obituary), I want my baby safely on the ground. The planes coming in to Heathrow on the flight path right over our house seem to be arriving at the normal frequency, however, which tells me flight conditions are fine and it’s not as windy as it was yesterday. I know I don’t need to worry, but with such precious cargo up in the air I still sometimes cannot stop myself. I suppose it’s only natural when you love someone this much.

The morning sky is beautiful. The sun is just starting to blind me, a bright ball of fire rising and its strong rays coming through the roses on the dining table that B came home with for me Friday evening. Mornings are my favourite time of day, even when I would have quite happily snuggled and snoozed away under our warm duvet for another couple of hours.

1 Apr 2015 morning sun

I have finally defeated the dreaded writer’s block that has had me in its grip since the fabulous feedback I got back in November. Yesterday, after B left for work, I ignored all these other things I tend to find to do (“I’m just going to…. and THEN I’ll write…”), took the laptop into the bedroom and wrote. I didn’t check my bank account, or read the news, or browse Facebook. I wrote! Shouldn’t be such cause for celebration when you’re a writer, I know. It should just flow naturally, right? Well, truth of the matter is I do get these slumps, but now I’m out of the latest one. Chapter one is now pretty much rewritten and restructured according to the Editor’s advice and now that I’m back on track I know the rest will follow and I’m so excited about it!

My eternal struggle is to “show, not tell” and avoid this inner monologue and wordy information dump I’m so prone to, but I think I’m getting there. I deliberately avoided showing it to B last night, want to check it over again today and get on with another couple of chapters – I want to be on my way a little before allowing myself to feel truly confident about it again. I have yet to print out the image of my character John, but will send it to B in case he’s anywhere near a printer. I might even get a frame for it.

Well. Time to put on another jug of coffee, pop out to the corner shop to get some more milk whilst it brews, then get on with Alice and work on it further. Sure, I’ll find distractions – yesterday I ended up making an ugly and very uneven handbag that looked NOTHING like the picture that adorned the crotcheting instructions – but so long as Alice is taking shape along with my unshapely knitting and crotcheting projects, that’s OK.

1 Apr 2015 bag

Of course I also have my little lunchtime walking companion Bertie the Labradoodle to see to, and I get to him earlier in the day than when I’m working. Yep, many perks to working at a school – I get the holidays off! Pure luxury! Aww, just look at my little buddy in the wind, taken during our walk yesterday along the river. Bless him, his owners had his “eyes shaved” (sounds pretty brutal, but apparently this is a normal dog grooming procedure) a few weeks ago, but now you can hardly see them again. Munchkin.

1 Apri 2015 Bertie

Hm. Should I also come up with some cunning April’s Fool prank?


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