Minor Changes and Tuesdays

Easter has been All About That Monkey. Saturday he had four friends over – OK, five ten-yearolds might not sound like much, and these are all posh and pretty well behaved Chiswick boys with good manners, but even so, five was plenty. One stayed over, the usual suspect whom I’ve named the Irish Charmer due to both his charm and his propensity to tell the odd tall tale (like how apparently he once drank a pint of whiskey – sure, luv). Lovely kid though and as his nickname suggests, super charming. He ended up staying around and over Sunday too and they hung out most of yesterday as well. This morning Monkey’s friend J came over. His mums are both working so he’s with us today. This is all great, because long gone are the days when Monkey considered me fun company, so it’s free Monkeytainment really and J is another of these well behaved young lads so it should be fairly easy as far as my supervisory duties go today.

It’s just gone 9am and they’re recording something in the livingroom. I’ve escaped to the bedroom and once again sat on the bed leaning back on all our pillows. Outside it’s an absolutely beautiful day, it seems like spring is finally arriving and it’s not a day too soon. Like yesterday, which was equally lovely, it’s the kind of day when, come say 4pm, you want to head down to the river and enjoy some Rekorderlig, but B and I have decided – ONCE AGAIN – that we need to really rein in our bad habits, so until the excessive smoking and drinking are under control, it’s weekends only that we’ll head to the Bell & Crown or the City Barge. Well. Monkey’s here, so I’m not about to drag him to the pub and have him witness his mum smoking and/or drinking, so I guess we’ll have to enjoy the beautiful afternoons and evenings with coffee and nicotine patches.

The patches make me feel ill, by the way. We got the second strongest ones, the ones you stick on in the morning and last you all day (the strongest are 24-hour ones), but both me and B end up feeling queasy, lethargic and listless, so today we’re trying half patches and once we’re out of the current stash we’ll just have to get the weaker ones. I even lose my appetite, which is crazy, given how I’ve always eaten like a truck driver. In January, when we didn’t smoke at all, I ended up losing weight, which is fine so long as it’s just a couple of pounds – skinny ain’t my thing, I’m at my best when I’m a cuddly medium and size 10-12.

Along with taking the boys out to the park for a kick-around, I also intend to knock chapters two and three into shape, which should be fairly straight forward. After those, I just need minor changes to chapters four to ten, tidy up 11 to 16 and then it’ll just be a matter of churning out the last ten or so with the groundwork for the first half adjusted according to the Editor’s feedback. Now that I’ve got started again, it doesn’t feel like such an insurmountable battle anymore, but rather the way it seemed when I was in the flow before Christmas – plain sailing! Well, not entirely plain, but certainly not rough.

Hm… Looking at my feet and deciding that the nail polish needs a touch up too. And need to get the shopping done. Hey, that’s enough for Tuesday I think.


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