Frenzies and Stepford Wives

What an absolutely beautiful morning! I’ve always been of a sunny disposition, possibly unbearably so if you ask people around me, but there are times when I’m feeling beyond grateful for my life and what’s in it. This morning is one of those times, when I find myself almost bursting with joy.

Woke up with B’s long, strong limbs enveloping me in a slightly too warm cuddle. I immediately nuzzled into his toasty neck and sleepily whispered to him how much I love him. Stayed that way for the few minutes between when he reached over to put his alarm on snooze and when it went off again. Stole his dressing gown as usual, leaving him with my fluffy girly one and went to make coffee when he jumped in the shower. And ten minutes later we sat on the balcony with our coffees, in the bright sunshine that even at 8am felt warm – SPRING IS HERE! The trees on the street are budding, and I’ll bet that in just a few days the cherry blossoms will be in full bloom and the trees turning green again. This winter felt so long, so it’s not a day too soon.

I’ve decided to go on a cleaning frenzy and both the kitchen and bathroom are now gleaming and smelling beautifully of cleaning stuff. Next up is dusting and wiping all surfaces around the flat, then vacuum and mop the floors and if I have any energy left after that I’ll get on with the rest of the ironing. Oh yeah, little Stepford wife, me.

Monkey is off to his dad’s this afternoon, so I’m also trying my best to compete with all his screens for cuddles and a bit of chit-chat before I have to endure another of those weeks I’m cursed with when my Monkey’s not with me. But hey-ho, he needs his father equally and who am/was I to dictate otherwise. Just coz I left the guy doesn’t mean I have the right to make his son leave him too, regardless of what the insane British courts might think.

Anyhoo! At this pace, the apartment will be clean and beautiful in the next couple of hours. I’m on my third mug of freshly brewed coffee and Monkey is about to have breakfast but first OBVS has to reply to a Skype message from one of his friends before he has time for his toast. Ah, today’s youth. Hair gel too. Whatever next? Aftershave?? God help us all….

Well. As I said, my heart is soaring with gratitude and joy at this wonderful life that I love so much. I’m the luckiest girl alive, of that I have no doubt, and the nauseating bit is that things are only set to insanely, amazingly, what-did-I-do-to-deserve-it get even better……

10 Apr 2015 monkey pic


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