Shimmers and Worthy Efforts

Wow – that was a rather long break from blogging, unintentional really, but perhaps I didn’t have all that much to say. Life’s busy, and with the job at the school along with dog walking and doing my best to work on the second draft of Alice, I often find that by the time I’ve got through all the must-dos, I just want to spend time with B or put my feet up. B’s birthday also took up a lot of time, but in a good way, of course. A Dutch artist whose work I really love amazingly agreed to do a commission for me to give to B, and I am absolutely in love with the result. She called it Endless Love and it’s a shimmering canvas on which she’s managed to create a beautiful piece for B. Art can be a very personal thing, and even when you’re as in tune as B and I am, you never know if someone’s going to connect with a piece as much as you might. Luckily he did, perhaps he understood all the thought and meaning that went into it. You’d need a canvas larger than the Milky Way to even begin to convey how much I love B, but Endless Love is a worthy effort. I simply love it, but more importantly so does B.

We had his sons over for the weekend, which was great fun. I can’t imagine it’s been easy for them to accept my existence after their parents divorced after over 20 years of marriage – come on, who would be thrilled at ‘Dad’s girlfriend’ following that?! They’ve always been sweethearts though, and although I’m sure it has at times been a bit shit for them to have to accept, I think all of us are a lot more relaxed with the new constellation. I really do adore them. I suppose I would have loved them by default, given they are B’s kids, but I soon came to love them for who they are too. They will be coming to my native Sweden with us in the summer and I’m so excited! My family and friends are all die hard B-fans, so they’re already looking forward to meeting his sons and will no doubt fuss over them as much as they do with B.

Right. Well, that’s my third mug of coffee gone, so best get ready and face the day!


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