A Sainthood, Even

Didn’t I say yesterday, that perhaps ‘tomorrow’, i.e. what is now today, it might be that my timer beeps way too soon? Well, I can say with absolute conviction that this will probably be the case, because what’s on my mind is something I feel very strongly about. In fact, there is nothing that could possibly anger, sicken, upset, sadden or disgust me more. More than what? Scumbags who harm children, is what.

Now, I’ll have to warn anyone reading this, my views on this subject – paedophiles – may not be palatable, so sensitive readers please head elsewhere now, because when it comes to this I have no sympathy whatsoever. I’m not exactly a champion of the death penalty, but if someone harms or abuses a child I’d only applaud a bullet (or several) being put in their filthy heads.

There’s this guy here in the UK who calls himself Stinson Hunter. He’s what you’d call a vigilante. He and his group of associates, who work together, put false profiles on various social networks posing as underage girls (and boys too, I believe). They never make the first contact with anybody, they just put the bait out there waiting for the lowlives to take it, which they often do. They then engage in conversation under the guise of e.g. a 13-yearold girl and the pervert at the other end of the chat/text conversation goes on to groom what they believe is a child. When said pervert then manages to convince the “child” to meet them, they rock up thinking they’re indulging their abhorrent compulsions but are instead made to unwitting YouTube “stars”. Because what awaits instead of a 13-yearold girl or whatever else they had thought was the case, there is Stinson Hunter and his camera man.

Stinson Hunter then films the whole thing – the shithead turning up, Stinson and his associates asking on camera why they (often men well into their 30s/40s/50s and even beyond) have arranged to meet up with a child. And then, all details – chat/text history and film – are handed over to the police. They never harm the scumbags, they simply film the meet-up and hand over everything to the police.

I first came across Stinson Hunter when a documentary about what he does was aired on Channel 4, and since then I have liked the Facebook group. Today there was an announcement on Facebook that as a result of the work Stinson Hunter and his crew do, a total of 30 paedophiles have now been convicted. All thanks to Stinson Hunter’s work. In my view, that’s awesome. I pray to God that this number will continue to rise at a healthy pace.

Of course, there is the argument that by doing this, Stinson Hunter could jeopardise these creeps’ pitiful lives. He had a brilliant answer to that on the documentary:

Do I feel responsible for ruining that person’s life? No, because I didn’t do that. THEY did that.

Damn straight. He doesn’t set them up, remember? Just sticks a fake profile out there, amongst plenty of genuine ones of young and vulnerable girls (and boys). I just think it’s fantastic luck when it’s the Stinson profile some awful deviant scumbag goes for instead of the “real thing”. And when it’s Stinson’s fake profile that capture’s whatever bastard’s attention, that’s another child saved as far as I’m concerned. And until police forces are allocated enough funds and resources to effectively track down, pursue and seek convictions for these revolting bottom feeders, I will hold my hands up and say that I, for one, think what Stinson Hunter does should earn him a f*cking knighthood. Sainthood, even.

I’m a softie. And I’ve got enough empathy to serve a whole army. I also believe in human rights. I am compassionate and believe in humanity, that each and every one has the capacity to be and do good. But not when it comes to the f*cktards who harm children. Seriously, there is ONE instant when I actually believe I could shoot another human being – if that person had hurt my child in that way (well, any way really, but I might not fire every time, right?). Who knows, but just the idea makes me turn into Mama Grizzly Bear in a really f*cking serious motherf*cking rage.

So there we are. Anna’s balanced view on harming children. I’m not very Swedish like that – Swedes are very PC and tolerant and don’t go around shooting paedophiles (why, I ask – better in many ways than taking down a glorious moose, except paedos should be burnt, not eaten) and the Swedish way is often to take good care of EVERYONE, even if they’ve done wrong. Part of that does make me feel proud of my native nation, and it IS a good thing in many respects, but as I said, in this instance I have no sympathy whatsoever. Harming a child cannot be forgiven or put right or rehabilitated. Harm a child and you don’t deserve to be called a human being. You’re barely a ‘being’, let alone human.

God, nothing makes me angrier. And oh! There you go, there’s the timer and I had so much more to say!

Have a look if you want: http://www.stinsonhunter.com

Channel 4 documentary here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/the-paedophile-hunter


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