Kings, Queens and Bubblegum

Monday, Monday…. Have tonnes of things, not just on the writing front, to sort out this week. Going to the dentist is one of those things, eesh. I’ve never been a fan, partly due to a rather severe case of needle phobia, but I survived the last time so I hope this time will be OK too. It ain’t cheap to sort your gnashers out, just one of the two crowns I need to have replaced will cost over £700, but at this rate it’ll be worth it. Both are loose and end up coming out regularly, I then go and have them cemented back, only to have them fall out a couple of months later. Very annoying. So, hey ho, I’ll just have to bite the bullet.

It seems that the British summer is over, that all we got after a rubbish May and June was a four-day mini-heatwave, blink and you would’ve missed it. Apparently though summer has turned out lovely in Sweden so I do hope we get some nice weather when we go. First a week in Stockholm in two weeks’ time, then back to London for one day to wash and re-pack before we head to Värmland for two weeks. After that, a week in London and then a week in Stockholm again. Stockholm because B has to go there with work and I’m his groupie.

Last year when we went, we headed up to Dalhalla in the Dalarna region for a concert. Dalhalla is an amphitheatre located in an old limestone quarry and it’s the most amazing concert venue. Last year we saw Jose Carreras, which was both beautiful and, er… ….dull after a while. Nothing that some Sauvignon Blanc can’t fix though, so we did have a giggle. The best part was when suddenly, just as the second part was starting, people all around us started looking over to our left, everybody craning their necks. Confused and curious as to what the fuss was all about I asked the person next to us what was going on.

It’s the King and Queen!” he delightedly exclaimed.


And so it was. The unmistakable King Carl XVI Gustav and the equally unmistakable Queen Silvia were making their way to seats just above where we were sitting. That made the evening pretty special.

This year we have booked to see the cheese fest that is Roxette and I cannot wait! I’ve never been a huge fan, my tastes have always been more Anthony Kiedis and Eddie Vedder than Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle, but I reckon they’ll be fantastic live. B and I downloaded their greatest hits and it’s all bubblegum and sing-a-long (excellent for cleaning!), and dare I say it, some of it is actually pretty good! Very cheesy, but it’s bound to be an amazing evening.



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