Deadlines and Tearful Farewells

Alright. Deadlines set and I’m super charged! First proper rewrite, here I come!

When I’m on fire, I could easily knock out a chapter a day, but given that I’m not always on fire we’re going in at a pace that should prove realistic even when writing feels like pulling teeth. Gosh, it does seem like Mount Everest all over again. Six months ago I had what I felt was a solid 50k words, but now it’s revision time and so far it’s now chapter one that’s in good shape and the rest in need of serious TLC. Target for this week is chapter two. And I have to be disciplined this time – my normal approach is to write when inspiration hits me, but what do you do when it doesn’t? Well, for me it meant months of not writing.

When I first created this blog, it was to get me in the habit again and it worked to an extent – I faithfully went in and wrote for 20 minutes every day, even if it was utter shite that came spilling out. Now it seems I need to adopt the same approach with the book itself. This may very well mean that I’ll end up spending the agreed time every day on writing stuff I’ll end up having to delete, but writing something feels better than having written nothing. Although, having said that, what I did manage to produce on chapter two yesterday was so rubbish it made me cringe. I suppose by writing something, even if it’s shit, is that you have at least worked at it and that does feel better than having avoided it altogether.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll hit the flow again.

In the meantime, life goes on as usual. Just a couple of weeks until B and I head to Stockholm for a week, then back one day and off to Sweden again for another couple of weeks but in my home town. Then a week in London before we’re off to Stockholm again for another week there. Hectic stuff! In the middle of all this, my best friend is coming to London. It’s been four years since we bid a tearful farewell when she moved back to her native Canada (where in God’s name does time go?!) and although those years seem to have flown by, I have missed her desperately. They decided at short notice to make the trip to the UK, and as it turns out I’ll get two evenings with her – the day they arrive and the day B and I are back in between the first Sweden trips. Better than nothing, but DAMN IT – terrible timing.

Right. Finish up here at work and then head home for lunch and then WRITE!



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