First Drafts and Fresh Flowers

Perhaps life will slow down a little in the next few weeks, who knows. Not that I’m complaining – I’m fully aware of how lucky I am to have the life that I do, with B and Monkey. Oh, and of course Hendrix, who, as I’m writing this, has as usual parked herself by (or on, rather) my feet along with her half chewed and soggy pig’s ear. Gross. After a weekend full of adventures, we just have a few moments before the next one. Mum’s over from Sweden from tomorrow until Sunday and I can’t wait to have her here. What it does mean is that today will be busy. Need to give the flat a good clean, get some fresh flowers, sort out Monkey’s room where Mum will be sleeping and generally make sure I can make her feel every bit as welcome as she is – massively.

I do feel a bit sorry for Monkey when we have visitors, usually B’s boys or my family, and he has to sleep on an air mattress in our bedroom. One day, maybe we’ll have something bigger. Mostly for all three boys’ sake, that would be wonderful. Then B’s boys wouldn’t have to feel they’re temporary visitors in what’s Monkey’s room, and Monkey wouldn’t be pushed out like that. Not that I think Monkey minds as he loves his stepbrothers (which is how he sees them – he absolutely adores them and you can tell he finds them super cool) and would probably sleep on the floor without complaint if it meant they were around, but still. One day. Would love to have another bedroom that could be more dedicated to B’s sons (or even two more – imagine, one each!) and maybe double up as guest room. One day.

Speaking of boys, B’s youngest turned 21 yesterday and we got to see them both on Sunday on our way home from a weekend break in the Peak District. As always, it was lovely, and as always, it was too short. Hoping we can engineer something around Christmas.

God, Hendrix is really going at that disgusting pig’s ear. Weird little creature – not sure if it’s separation anxiety, but she is always around me and ideally ON me, and currently there is one fat little paw on my foot and that soggy pig’s ear on my toes as she’s chewing away. She’s still doing her weird thing where she’s all calm and cuddly around me, and goes wild around B and Monkey. Every evening when B comes home she goes completely mental, whizzing around his feet and bounces around like she thought she’d lost him forever whilst he’s been at work. It’s cute and crazy, much like Hendrix overall.

The writing is moving along at a good pace, finally. Not quite hitting 8,300 words per week, but not too far off the mark so I feel positive and confident again. Because I, for the longest time, didn’t even dare look at the first draft, now that I’m forcing myself to do so, it’s encouraging to find that I can keep more of it than I thought. I’ll get there.

As usual, I’m creating to-do lists in my head for the day ahead and today’s list goes something like this:

  • Head to the pet shop (and practice walking Hendrix on a loose lead along the way – we’re getting there but she’s still wanting to chase cars) to exchange Hendrix’s Halloween outfit (yep, I’m that sort of dog owner – a black outfit with a glow-in-the-dark skeleton along the back) and get a new collar as her fat little neck is getting too, er, FAT for her puppy one.
  • Get some fresh flowers.
  • Head to H&M in Hammersmith and get a new batch of clothes for Monkey, who seems to be growing at break-neck speed.
  • Clean the flat, which will take best part of three hours – no shortcuts with Mum over…
  • Fit in solid writing time somewhere.
  • I’m sure there was something else too…. So best get going….

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