Status Updates and Loved-Up People

Gotta love it. Autumn is my favourite season by far – I love the dark evenings with candle light, I even love the cold and I love the build-up to Christmas. It’s been a hectic morning, with Monkey and Hendrix playing (and with me shouting at them as Monkey managed to teach her to chase his trouser leg – no wonder I struggle to keep that little pirhana in check with this going on) and B working from home before heading off to a meeting this end of town. Inbetween getting Monkey ready for school and making sure I got my early morning caffeine hit, we’ve also ordered Monkey’s birthday present. It’s birthday and Christmas rolled into one, from me, B and my Mum – otherwise I would NOT be spending £300+ on an 11-yearold. Xbox One with FIFA16 is this year’s must-have.

Monkey’s with his father this year anyway, so not like he’d face an empty Christmas stocking. B and I will be on our own (well, with Hendrix) and I think we’re just going to stay put here in London and hopefully see B’s sons Christmas Eve. Next year I hope we’ll have all three boys with us and who knows, perhaps it’ll be a wonderfully white Christmas in Sweden.

Today is also our 29-month anniversary. Yep, we’re those annoyingly loved-up people who celebrate every single month with cards and pressies. Because B reads this blog, I can’t outline what I’m doing for him, but I hope today goes quickly and he gets home not too late. Oh, and the Apprentice is on, so….. ..yay!

My Facebook account has now been deactivated and I have to say it feels good. It’s good for many reasons, but it makes people lazy and as I mentioned in a previous post, I think we’re sometimes so busy documenting what we’re up to (by posting photos of where we are or status updates outlining what we’re doing) that we fail to truly enjoy living in those moments that we share.

B’s gone to his meeting now, Hendrix is chewing her bone under the table (one paw on my foot of course, to keep tabs on me) and Monkey’s at school, so I’m going back to Alice. Have a solid 30k words and making good progress so here’s to another creative day!


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