Warm Furballs and Flights

Sunday night. Candle light. Fireworks tearing through the sky. Hendrix snoozing on my lap. Monkey at his dad’s. Phone pinging and a message telling me B is checked in and is boarding his flight. To Prague this time, and four nights that I now have to endure without my honey. All in all, unbearable.

I feel so lost when I’m not around him. Let alone the pain of not having my Monkey with me, it’s multiplied a thousand times now that I have to spend days on end without both my boys. When B has to go away with work, it’s easier if Monkey’s around, just like the weeks my son’s with his father are somewhat easier to deal with when B’s around. Gosh, this sucks on so many levels. Luckily, there’s this little warm furball on my lap, her silly little nose resting on my left arm, making it difficult to type.

Please God, let these next few days pass quickly.

At least I’ve got some more writing done and also feeling hopeful that one of the jobs I’ve applied for may come through.


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